Sula's Sketchbook
I know exactly what you mean. You have nice depth and placement in most of your pencils because you stick to basic shapes until you are sure they are in the right place.
Just keep your concentration while painting and dont let little details distract you until you are sure the form reads as 3d object (simplify it). Exactly the same 'mental' aproach like when you drawing.

I'm sure you know who Andrew Loomis is - his lessons are worthy to be revisited

Now, Im really talking too much for someone who is not close to a pro, I better do some studies instead... Good luck fighting!

Love those pencils. Now what have you done. I'm gonna draw faces in my sketchbook now. Good job ><

The best way to learn form and structure in my opinion is painting from life. Just pose your friends in front of you and paint them. You can try also painting one of those small cesar heads. This is good excercise to. Hope it helps.

Yeah I can commiserate with the whole "I can draw it on paper, but it turns to disconnected mush when I paint it digitally" aspect. I think the way to approach it is a combination of all of the above. I'd definitely hit the relevant portions of the anatomy masters (specifically Bridgman and Loomis) and also continue with the photo studies. But instead of just doing the study and sort of applying what you learned in the next piece, try replicating the study from memory immediately after finishing it. Don't look at it though or the original reference. Just replicate it and then compare the results after and take what you learned into your work.

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Thanks for the help guys :)

I gave Loomis a quick read between breaks at work - no where near calling it studying yet, but I will get there asap.
And actually, it made a lot more sense after spending some time drawing faces from refs all this weeks.

Maybe it was a step in the right direction after all :)
Quick dirty trying to fit the pieces together done during lunch break at my studio. Now back to work.

[Image: Structure-01.jpg]

Haha quick and dirty! Keep up the hard work! :)
Lookin good Ursula! Keep those studies up
love your quick studies. they're really inspiring ;) true story.

Thank you very much guys :D

So! I have news from the front! I am still knee-deep in freelance stuff, but that is moving forward alright; This Saturday was very exciting, but I will wait for official blog posts to share it - but anyway, I was in an awesome class! After it, I got to hang around with the others students and brainstorm a bit on this image. I like where its going right now, but it is VERY sketchy. If anyone has any feedback on it, I am all ears! I don't know when I am going to be able to work on this, but I NEED to finish it, RIGHT. Like Hannes said, finishing stuff is a habit we need to develop.

[Image: Satyr-06a.jpg][Image: Satyr-06b.jpg]

It is a bit too busy atm I am looking to fix that, but I'd love to hear any other ideas about it.

Oh, I am still working on planes of the face. Hopefully I will have some decent stuff to scan soon enough :)

killer stuff!
Heeey. Love the direction your image is going. I would fix only one, small thing. Did ya a very quick paintover. Hope you don't mind.

[Image: paint-1.jpg]

Hey Rama :D Thanks for the paintover man, that is one easy solution to it!

And omg, I need to finish that thing.
But guess what, it's not what I am doing. Not doing the freelance either, guess I'll get some deadline biting-me action soon.

[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-13.jpg]

It's a little funny that i gave you a paintover. That was one obvious fix to be made.You would figure it on your own for sure. oh well. You convey forms on the face nicely. Can't wait to see it done ;3.

Last one's looking nice!

ah mah gawd! that last face is sweet! nice loomis study too, just a quick read and you already understand it better than me o.o
Looking forward to more!

@Rama: aw man, c'mon, give yourself some credit! Thanks for you time again.
@Kidult and Jaik: Thanks guys! But I still think there is something fundamentally wrong with my faces. Hopefully I am moving in the right direction to fix it? We will see :)

I didn't have time to touch the Satyrs piece yet, and I was slacking badly today. Too much stuff on my head to go through freelance, so I was resting a bit. Ended up doing this.
You know, I have only used paintings as wallpapers on my PC for a long time. So when avengers came out, I made the mistake of setting Loki as my wallpaper, and my husband was actually mad at me - WTF is that, he asked, you're a painter and you're supposed to have a painting as wallpaper. If you want to use Loki as wallpaper, paint one yourself.

And I was all like, challenge accepted. Not too long after I remembered I was awful with likeness. So this was this fucking Loki crazyness started - hopefully I am getting nearer to get my wallpaper back now (it's been just a black screen since). I do think it went a little out of control, though it's been fun so far.

And now, tomorrow, back to being a responsible adult.
[Image: Photo-study-06.jpg]

(after uploading, it's quite funny how OBVIOUS it is which parts I rushed haha! I wish I had more time to do this stuff)

Looks good ;3

@rama: Thanks man ;)

No nop, not responsible yet. Come at my working-late-at-night, I am ready for you!
[Image: Photo-study-07.jpg]

And whats that? Big eyes and small mouth, Sula, your manga roots are showing.
[edit] Ok, I tried to fix the eyes. Hope that haven't borked the rest of the image. Just refresh the image.

(08-19-2012, 05:40 AM)Ursula Dorada Wrote: And whats that? Big eyes and small mouth, Sula, your manga roots are showing.
[edit] Ok, I tried to fix the eyes. Hope that haven't borked the rest of the image. Just refresh the image.

Haha, great studies Ursula. There are a few things wrong with placement but otherwise very good values/color.
Thanks Dennis!

I am doing this right?
(with bonus sketch to the left.... eugh)
[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-14.jpg]

I think you are doing it right. I like where this is going, keep it up :)


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