Nervous graduate
Hey guys, I am in my last week of college and am about to enter the "real world", and am nervous as hell. My time to to become an adult has come and hopefully I can grow into the illustrator that Ive always wanted to be. I have always wanted to be an illustrator, the idea of not being one never really occurred to me. At least until I got B's and C's on my art homework, not for lack of trying but for lack of ability. I also wasn't able to get into the illustration program in my university, that was a major blow to my dreams haha.  I realized then and there that I was not good at art, and all those years fantasizing about being an amazing artist came crumbling down. I started to study like crazy after that, and I can proudly say I have gotten significantly better in one year. Im certain I can hold my own against my peers now but I know I still have ways to go before I can get stable work. And now that I am in my last week of college, as I am writing this, I know the path ahead is only going to get tougher. I hope I can come here and post my work to get advice about what to improve on in order to get work. So yeah, if you read this whole thing thank you, I know I kind of ranted about how lame I am haha. Into the trenches I march.
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Danny :).

Sounds like you're pretty clear on where you want to go on your art journey and that you're not afraid to work hard to get there.

This place is filled with great study techniques, tips, tricks and resources that will help you along the way.

I recommend that you start up a sketchbook thread and get involved with the community - there are some great folks on here with a lot of knowledge between them.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing more of your work :).

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Hi Danny.

Plowing through the mediocrity for that chance to be better is a great mindset to have. That is an admirable trait.

Quote:I have always wanted to be an illustrator, the idea of not being one never really occurred to me.
In the comic book circuit, aspiring comic book creators always ask how to break into comics. The short answer from any pro would be: Make a comic, and congratulations you just broke in.

Maybe the answer here is to just go through it. Make an illustration so you can finally say you are one!

Quote:I know the path ahead is only going to get tougher
You're probably right. Not to be a downer; the effort, patience and discipline you need to get to be good is significantly massive compared to getting to be successful at... say, being an accountant, or banking, or where ever the money's at right now! Not to downplay any of those careers, but it's so rare, especially here in my country, to find people who can sustain themselves through art alone.

Here's to hoping that dream of yours, or whatever it is you got to pull from the inside, gets you to where you want to go.

Looking forward to your SB. Congratulations on graduating and welcome to the Crimson Daggers.

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Thanks for welcoming me guys, I really appreciate it! Im hoping to get better at my craft each month, Im keeping my philosophy short for my own sake. If I want to get work, I have to be good and show it the right people. Don't want to overcomplicate that. Heres to working hard and pushing forward.

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