Hello there- i'm new
 I'm not sure how to properly introduce myself so if this is a complete mess... I apologize in advance.

Though I usually prefer digital art and animation I do love most of the traditional art mediums I've tried, my favorites being plain ol' pencil, markers, colored pencil, acrylic, and watercolor. My greatest enemy is oil paint but I'm trying to patch things up with it.

 I'm hoping to get a job as a concept artist for LucasFilms someday, or as an artist for Funko. I would also love to illustrate children's books and perhaps even make a comic book or two. As of now I'm in my final year of high school and really trying to improve my art.

 That's all I guess, I look forward to seeing everyone's work!
Welcome to Crimson Daggers mate!

Looking forward to seeing you "strike back" with your art journey :).

Good luck and get posting some work!

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CD Sketchbook

Welcome to Crimson Daggers! :)


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