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I really don't know where I'm doing wrong in my drawing here can some one help?

hey man,

Theres a number of things wrong here and i'll try to point a few of them out but i think the best thing you could do to truely understand your mistakes is do a ton of studys. Find pics of snowy landscapes and replicate them. Thats probably your fastest and safests bet.

Anyways, my first concern is the over use of white. You'll generally find in nature things are never this white in so many areas, and the over use of white is making your forms look flat. Have a look online about 'atmospheric perspective' too, that will help you understand this better too.
Secondly, if there was this much white then the light source would have to be very strong, in which case your shadows would be much deeper and sharper.I recommend doing some still life studies with objects under different strengths of light. You'll notice the closer or stronger the light source the sharper and darker to shadows become. Theres alot of soft marks on this piece, especially on the structure in the middle which are making your forms look flat.

Finally, and something which basically sums up on the above points is your values. Thats probably the main thing which is making your piece look off. Black and white studies will help here probably. Some veraity in textures wouldnt go amiss too.

Hope this helps dude, sorry if it was abit blunt, just trying to help ;)

Hey Jack !
Here are quick observations that should brighten up the scene for you :

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This helps allot thanks and here have a cookie :) *gives cookie*


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