Will Warburton's sketchbook
Hi everyone, my names Will Warburton, i'm 24 years old and an aspiring concept artist and illustrator.

Ive been working to improve myself seriously for about 1 year now, and i'll keep this sketchbook updated with future progress.

Heres a quick dump of some stuff from the previous couple of months.

Thanks for viewing! ;D

[Image: swampelder2finalsketchbook.jpg]

[Image: blackandwhitechick7th.jpg]

[Image: frog18th.jpg]

[Image: cow9th.jpg]

[Image: finalpaleantlers.jpg]

[Image: swordlizarddude13th.jpg]

Great stuff mate, keep pushing and I hope to see more stuff soon! cheers

You've some really great stuff going on, keep up the good work!

Hey Daggers!!

Heres a couple of speedy studies which i did for the creature piece.

[Image: penguin25th.jpg]

[Image: mountain25th.jpg]

[Image: greatarmouredbirdfinal.jpg]

I think your composition is to static, maybe try to experiment with more dynamic comps next time? BTW. Love the textures on the big penguin

[b]Ramalooke Your right dude, thanks for the crit! True is, i started this way too late and rushed the design stuff, hence the crappy comp and stuff. I'll try harder for the next time.

Abit of stuff from feb so far, part from the self portrait i did on my birthday.

[Image: selfportrait77.jpg]

[Image: skull7th.jpg]

[Image: characterchickthing8th.jpg]

Latest creature design, plus speedy studies i did during it to help

[Image: dog13th.jpg]

[Image: lizardface13th.jpg]

[Image: cowfinal.jpg]

Abit more stuff

couple of speedy portrait studys

random practice character from imagination

[Image: potrait25th.jpg]

[Image: portrait25th2.jpg]

[Image: femaleassassin21st.jpg]

im gonna start posting here more often, with all kinds of crap. heres a start

few speeds studies from this month

[Image: skull6th.jpg]

[Image: boarstudies3rd.jpg]

[Image: goldarmour7th.jpg]

imagination doodle
[Image: maleportrait7th.jpg]

[Image: harpiepotrait5th.jpg]

some pencil studies from various sources

[Image: march10rdIV.jpg]

[Image: march10rdIII.jpg]

[Image: march10rd.jpg]

[Image: march10rdV.jpg]

creature design i did over at ca.org.
[Image: speedyalbinofinal.jpg]

more junk

[Image: redheadportrait9th.jpg]

[Image: gingerbitchscreaming13th.jpg]

[Image: desert14th.jpg]

imagination doodle, probably work more into it. Sci fi hunter and pet?

[Image: hunterandpet14th.jpg]

Another quick update

recent pencil studies, sorry for the crappy quality

self portrait

[Image: march16th.jpg]

[Image: march16thi.jpg]

[Image: march16thii.jpg]

[Image: selfportrait80.jpg]

Study up on brush technique and color. It seems you've already progressed quite a bit in this short many updates!! Great self portraits and traditional studies. Looking very good :]

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@Zesiul Thanks dude, i'm glad you think so, i get scared of getting stale and not improving. And thanks for the crit, i'll focus that into future works and studies.

@AJCC Thank you. Imagination stuff is important to improvement. It'll help you see where your weaknesses truely lie and force you to think about your decisions and choices while painting. I hate my imagination stuff, which is why i'm trying to do more of it than usual. Thanks again for stopping by.

Pencil studies - figures from various places

[Image: march20thi.jpg]

[Image: march20thii.jpg]

[Image: march20thiii.jpg]

[Image: march20thiv.jpg]

environment study
[Image: desert18th.jpg]

some imagination stuff - hair study, crappy character thing and speed paint from royal fellas stream.

[Image: hairstudys18th.jpg]

[Image: hunterandpet14th2.jpg]

[Image: wrathsppedpaint17th.jpg]

some more crap

studies - pencils

[Image: march25thi.jpg]

[Image: march25thii.jpg]

[Image: march25thiii.jpg]

[Image: march25thiv.jpg]

more studies

[Image: catwalkchick21st.jpg]

[Image: chickportrait21st.jpg]

[Image: masterstudy22nd.jpg]

imagination thing. mass effect 2 inspired i guess
[Image: insectdudeportrait22nd.jpg]

more bits, no studies this time, just imagination stuff =o

[Image: march28thiii.jpg]

[Image: march28thiv.jpg]

[Image: fashioncharacter21stfinalsmall.jpg]

master study, twas alot fun and i feel a learnt stuff from it.

[Image: masterstudy22ndfinal.jpg]

Nice studies in here, and I really like some of these creature designs you've done too, keep it up :)

@ Forrestimel - Thanks man, glad you like, i'll keep um comin ;)

more dump
pencils, study and imagination

[Image: march31st.jpg]

[Image: march31stii.jpg]

[Image: march31stiii.jpg]

[Image: fatbastard28th.jpg]

[Image: tribalchick29th.jpg]

stuff =S

[Image: shydoodlething28th.jpg]

[Image: orangecreature31st.jpg]

more poop

[Image: april3rd.jpg]

[Image: april3rdii.jpg]

[Image: april3rdiii.jpg]

[Image: hellboystudy1st.jpg]

[Image: forest2nd.jpg]

[Image: skull2nd.jpg]

imagination thing. Need tio get beter -_-

[Image: forestchick1st.jpg]

definitely improvement within these pages. I think you should do some more historical fashion studies to broaden your design pool, your characters will be better for it.


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