its about damn time.

ill upload as we go. i dont have everything ive ever done, but ive got some. best. <3

if you have a before and after i did that isnt here, post it for me!

its the least you can do after ALL MY HELP.


[Image: clayface_crit_2.jpg]
[Image: clayface_crit.jpg]

[Image: leviathan_crit.jpg]
[Image: leviathan_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: charon_crit_2.jpg]
[Image: charon_crit.jpg]

[Image: crit_deepseapregnancy_2-1.jpg]
[Image: crit_deepseapregnancy-1.jpg]

[Image: blindbat.jpg]
[Image: blindbat_crit.jpg]
[Image: blindbat_crit_batman.jpg]

[Image: frogmonster_crit_2.jpg]
[Image: frogmonster_crit.jpg]

[Image: christmas_crit.jpg]
[Image: christmas_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: dexter_crit.jpg]
[Image: dexter_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: fish_n_crits.jpg]
[Image: fish_n_crits_2.jpg]
[Image: fish_n_crits_3.jpg]

[Image: wizard_crit.jpg]
[Image: wizard_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: zombie_crit.jpg]
[Image: zombie_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: sam_knight_crit.jpg]
[Image: sam_knight_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: tiger_rider_crit.jpg]
[Image: tiger_rider_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: forest_guy_crit.jpg]
[Image: forest_guy_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: forestman_crit.jpg]
[Image: forestman_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: frankentstein_portrait_crit_2.jpg]
[Image: frankentstein_portrait_crit.jpg]

[Image: gorilla_guardian_crit.jpg]
[Image: gorilla_guardian_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: gorilla_guardians_crit.jpg]
[Image: gorilla_guardians_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: headsman_crit.jpg]
[Image: headsman_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: inuit_hunter_crit.jpg]
[Image: hunter_inuit_crit.jpg]

[Image: dragon_crit.jpg]
[Image: dragon_crit_2.jpg]

[Image: duck_CRIT.jpg]
[Image: duck_CRIT_2.jpg]

[Image: polar_bear_crit_2.jpg]
[Image: polar_bear_crit.jpg]

[Image: bowser_crit.jpg]
[Image: bowser_crit_2.jpg]
more to come!
Dan, the bear/yeti looking monster in the end, is that you making an 'arrow to the knee'-joke? ^^

Love your critiques and paint overs, you're really making an effort to help people. Keep it up!

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So full of awesomeness, I almost cheered at my screen :D GO DAN GO! :D
really, those paintovers are teaching me more about art and illustration than I learned from any tutorials or books I have read so far.
Are You going to post all paintovers You ever did?
Most looking pretty decent. You do good on these man.

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yes, that was an arrow to the knew joke haha,

and as for all the paintovers i ever did- i dont have them all! ive got a few more im gonna put up but i didnt start saving them until well into doing them. some only exist in memory and screenshot.

a few more.

NAVEA- if you read this, send me your sci fi hunter and pet before my crit. ive got the after.


[Image: dw7.jpg]
[Image: dw8.jpg]

[Image: dw9.jpg]
[Image: dw0.jpg]

[Image: dw1.jpg]
[Image: dw2.jpg]

[Image: dw3.jpg]
[Image: dw4.jpg]

[Image: dw5.jpg]
[Image: dw6.jpg]
A spoiler button would be very useful in this forum. It would save time of scrolling down the avalanche of pics I've already seen. Hope Dennis could implement it.
here is my picture finished after the paint over suggestions.
[Image: kirk-mccosker-int.jpg]

want to know good sir if you see anything you wanna do with this one[Image: bumpy_looking_blurry_dude_thingy_concept...5il1sx.png]

hey all! some new paintovers from tonights stream. just quickies, but i hope they help.

note-- i dont accept paintover submissions on here so dont bother posting. catch me live on the stream and ill see what i can do! (usually cant, but who knows <3)

i didnt include the power ranger dude cause i wasnt happy with the result. apologies!

heres the video-

[Image: crit_forestman2_zpsc63edf64.jpg]

[Image: crit_forestman1_zps2f34c955.jpg]

[Image: crit_samuraibattle_zps2c285318.jpg]

[Image: crit_samuraibattle2_zps13762672.jpg]

[Image: crit_deathprophet1_zpsbe3b075a.jpg]

[Image: crit_deathprophet2_zps482e78df.jpg]
Great paint overs Dan!

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