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wow that gauntlet piece is awesome!!!!

when you get to hell, tell them I sent you - you`ll get a group discount sketchbook

Really cool stuff!

i dig the gauntlet. awesome!
I love Shine Master Bling! The composition of the Gauntlet piece is amazing.

Thanks Tawny. I actually had my doubts about Bling. I had a failed attempt and had to start over a day and a half before the entry was due. I had to make some impulsive decisions to break up the depth and you know bling it up.

Nice work! You have a very cool style! Your colors are very captivating.

One crit on the Gautlet piece - I love the piece - but the way it's composed my thought process was something like this: "this is awesome... wait, where's the wizard? oh." Hah don't know if that made sense. But my point is the wizard seems to be an afterthought.

Keep it up man!

Steve Anthony Pierce
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I see what you are saying. I wanted it to feel like he was a projection at the time. The problem is he doesn't feel like a part of the scene in hindsight.

awesome work ! the gauntlet peace almost made me jizz .
The only sad side like steve pointed out is that the wizard looks like hes not one of them , since
all the other characters have pretty much the same color .

greetz !

Yeah, too bad it's too late. With the way the layers are set up if I changed the wizard I'd have to change everything.

Wow! Love those crazy colors!

I agree, the colours and just fantastic! I particularly love the first
piece though. Compositionally, it's just done so well!

And as for the wizard, I don't think there is anything to worry about (not
that you would anyway), he has some funky character to him and the
more people try to find him on the picture the longer the picture is looked
at and the more memorable it is. Which is actually great.

Best wishes,

Such sweet compliments. I am flattered.


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