Hello my name is Amber Blade Jones, I know with a name like this I...just belong here.
I have had formal training at Watts Atelier and trained in the Reilly method, also took a few CGMW classes, right now working on my Schoolism assignments for Sam Nielson's Advanced Lighting class.

[Image: kittycup.jpg]
[Image: tumblrlsh2pjhc1t1r0v3zr.jpg]
[Image: ppls.jpg]
[Image: skullstudiesbyeyecagerd.jpg]
[Image: leavingmehanging.gif]
[Image: noses.gif]
[Image: eyesga.jpg]
[Image: notes1u.jpg]
[Image: studies2b.jpg]
[Image: studies3.jpg]
[Image: studies1.jpg]
[Image: tumblrlrsqt6peum1r0v3zr.jpg]
[Image: attachment015.jpg]
[Image: attachment007s.jpg]
[Image: hunds.jpg]
[Image: blimpride.png]
[Image: woopwoopl.jpg]
Awesome studies man, very fluid stuff, keep going!
Oh wow, very nice studies man! Looking forward for more :)

You have some great work here! I can't wait to see more!

Wow really nice stuff. I am envious of your construction knowledge. The hand in the top right, in that group of hands above the noses, looks a bit squished from the forearm to the end of the hand if that's clear. You probably know that already and it's more of a nitpick than anything.
damn nice sketchbook, keep going.

You magnificent show off! Keep it up.

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slick stuff nice!
very inspiring anatomy studies =)

Great start!

So fresh and so clean clean

EDIT:Hey I went to watts too! I only went there for about a year, but the Reilly Method was really helpful, same with the Asaro head cast. Both are pretty damn under rated.

Lovely studies. Keep it up!
Beautiful studies, look forward to seeing more of your work.

Sweet stuff. Gotta check out this Reilly method

Ørjan Svendsen
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great studies, love the figures!
Loving this. More!
Great stuff man!, construction is tight.
gabrielcunha- Thanks a lot! I used to be very still when I first started studying anatomy but the Atelier helped loosen me up some.

Sulamoon- Thanks! I hope to get more in when I get done with work on my plate atm. But I really want to do the next Bloodsport so gonna try and fit time in where I can.

TylerDonnelly- Thanks! I hope to get in the groove of studying sometime this weekend again.

Kendall- Ahh yeah I see it, I'll try to watch out for that the next time I do a barrage of forearms. I want to do some Rubis breakdowns sometime soon. Hopefully that'll help my understanding some more.

Brenthollowell- Thanks! I hope to be updating a bunch sometime soon.

Zesiul- Hahaha! Thanks! Also loving up your icon, I'm a huge fan of Breaking Bad.

Ferrando- Thanks!

Nimao- Thanks I love anatomy so much, probably because I used to suck at it and used to draw the most gloriously terrible anime bodies. Now it's my obsession on my path to sharpening my skill sets.

Conny Nordlund- Thanks!

Gangstershit- Oh man I can't wait to go back one day, I love Watts so much the teachers are all so kickass to get along with. Jeff is like...whoa that guy can inspire an army, he's my hero. Watching him draw blows my mind and makes me weep at the same time. His quicksketch class ahhhh....watching him do a beautifully well constructed figure drawing in 3 minutes while talking the whole time, just glorious madness.

Deero- Thanks a bunch!

Flybyknight- Thanks! I wish I could show off more of my professional work but it's all tied up in NDA's right now so all I have is old concept work that I did years ago.

Orsvend- It's good stuff! It's gesture based off the muscle rhythms your body naturally does from the way it's knitted together.

Cornelius Hoelz- Thanks a lot! Hope to do more!

Rey- Hahah soon!

JacobJanerka- Thanks! Gotta love Reilly!

Here's a Chihiro sketch study I did on my lunch break, doing her traditional film look so I can look for her identifiers that make up the characteristics of her face. When I get home gonna try some more realistic approaches to her face while figuring out some comps to go with. It's cool her voice actors actually have her kind of face.
[Image: chihirostudy1.jpg]
Hold on are you going to be doing the Miyazaki bloodsport. I've never seen anybody from Watts do anything remotely related to anime. I have to see where you take this.

Woah :)
Awesome lines on the last one.
The only thing I miss is a contour line for the edge of her left (viewer: right) facial part.
Blends directly into the hair.

But really nice beside of that.
And great to see you here too!

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