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Here is my rough comp.

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Tex Mechs designs and comps cant really decide between comps number 2 or 6

[Image: MechTexcompcopy.jpg]
I'm going after the Jude Law prompt. Really love the idea of repoing that great name! I'm going for a vigilante attorney type woman. Let me know what yall think! New here so any feedback is appreciated!


Needs shit tons of work.

[Image: TexMechswip1.jpg]
My Tex Mechs so far.

[Image: texmechssmall.jpg]

[Image: JudeLaw1.jpg]

Well trying some other contests now too but I wanted to work on this one I like the ideas and always think competition makes me work harder.

Taking Jude Law as a traveling judge circa 1500 Germany. Did some research looking at Albrecht Durer paintings for clothing etc and also looking up everything from buildings to wheelock pistols.

[Image: JudeLaw2.jpg]

Painting now on paper changed things a touch tighter in on the character and of course colors now.
Did some studies for Tex Mechs, first time i do this stuff and actually I've found that I have LOTS of fun. Surely I'll continue sketching robots after the piece is done.

[Image: texmechs.jpg]

[Image: texmechsstudies.jpg]
Sined- those mechs are looking great, dont forget about the texas side of things!

Heres some ideas for Jude

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2340]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2339]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2341]


@ Kristinn: I like the 6 but you have to do a careful light balance to show the mech design and keep the mood...

@ fudgeloaf: Tnx. I'll try, but I don't want it to become too western, just a hint.

[Image: compsu.jpg]
Working on Tallahassee, something old and pulpy for my comp, there's gonna be some tentacle chicks in the background with some kind of idol, this is really early.
[Image: comp.jpg]

[Image: compesition1.jpg]
I'm having a rough time with this composition any suggestions?
[Image: comp1.jpg]

(04-14-2012, 09:15 PM)dwalkerart Wrote: I'm having a rough time with this composition any suggestions?
[Image: comp1.jpg]

My observations:
1. His left arm is way too stiff an high His elbow should be lowered and arm should point toward the action of the scene.
2. His right arm is too stiff and straight which leads the viewer away from your scene, not into it
3. Your black and white was pretty good, but when you added the color, you put the beings lighter than whatever is behind them. They should be slightly darker than whatever is behind them.
4. The black and white values were good, but then when you colored it in, the values changed. Keep the black and white, add a new 'color' layer and apply the colors to see if they work better for you.

That's all I got.
I took some of your suggestions Jereme, I'll probably do more with the arms too.

After I got the perspective down as far as I can tell I gave it a slight dutch cause I like it. Might go back.

Here's an update with a makeshift title.
[Image: comp3.jpg]

Here's another update, I didn't want to make a new post.
[Image: talla.jpg]

Really cool stuff happening in here so far! Here's an update on my Jude Law piece. Doing some figure studies before I dress her all bizness style.

here is my WIP for Tex Mech.
any feedback is welcome

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(04-16-2012, 09:20 AM)TK_EKS Wrote: here is my WIP for Tex Mech.
any feedback is welcome

Right now the composition is very right side heavy, You can try flipping the big guy as his beefy arm is whats really upsetting the composition.

maybe move fade his legs out a little, the contrast there seems to force my eyes to his kneepad.

Looks much better in terms of composition. Though, the right arm looks like he's protecting his dick now. Maybe that's his reason to be terrified :D?

It's almost done. I need to finish his arm, hat and do the background. I should adjust the composition a little too, since the colt is hugging the edge now and it doesn't look good.

[Image: texmechssmall.jpg]


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