smrrfette's Odyssey
//Jaik - Fkkk yeeeeaaaa! Awesome crits Jaik, thank you muchly - definitely need to work on visualising shapes in 3D space more, you're right D: and yeah that's true about the overpainting a value to colour piece... but then again, to master values is a prerequisite of mastering painting with colour. Thus I shall aim for super forms like AJ O: (lawd help me)

And lol I shall push more contrast all up in that bitch 047352f3
c u nxt w33kend pls.

//Fedodika - aye aye, cpt! I need to get some serious observation studies going, much <3 for the feedback Fedodididdikakaka!


I need to and want to nail this shit. So that I can actually draw without being all:

Going to a friend's 21st in the Blue Mountains very shortly, will be back after the weekend~

'til next time!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
AWW M8 u NAILED it M8 CRIKEY M8! dude in drag lololol; nuttin wrong with that tho >.>. EHEHEHE cute boobies on the girls! Your male faces kinda remind me of Steve O maybe just me hehehe. My Love for you is BOILING!!!

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Enjoy the party.. TRAITOR!
Nah just kidding. I'll be in Syd for a party too. Yay social life... Thought I dont know what to expect being *outside* and around *people* who have varying interests... Introverted to the extreme!

I like how you are applying anatomy to those gestures, it will help show you where you can exaggerate and where you will break it lol. Really nice job :)

*Fedodika, I totally see the steve-o reference*

Awesome improvment as always. You're getting so much better with every page, never stoppp :O Nitpick: watch out for the length of the forehead in your head sketches, they seem a little long to me.

Nate beat me to it! I was gonna mention your foreheads are getting away from ya! During construction you are drawing a circle and putting the brow around the bottom 1/3, when it should be closer to the 1/2. You're getting a lot of foreheads that are taking up 1/2 the entire head, with the hair sitting on top they are dwarfing your actual faces. You are doing pretty well when it comes to the vertical proportions of the head, just gotta tighten up the horizontal ones! Funny enough this problem is a lot more present in your studies/application than it is in your imagination work. I think you know the proportions better than you think and when you aren't worrying so much about them you're actually executing them better. Anyways! As always keep up the good pace, you're definitely making progress!

//atrenr - hahaha indeed, much forehead @_@ :D definitely see it, just need to wrap be head around seeing through form better (about to do a bunch of studies pertaining to that and then getting back to proportion studies + applying), thank you thank you thank you for the crits, atrenrrrrr--! Very much appreciated!

//pnate - I shan't sir! :D hahaha dat forehead doe. I'm on it :) thank you so muuuuch for the feedback nate!! :D

//Jaik - friggin' Jaik xD ! yeah I'm gonna do a bunch more of these so that hopefully my inktober under drawings aren't shite haha. cheeeers doooood! and lol I definitely see the Steve-O resemblance :3 dat hangout sesh was awsm!

//Fedodika - hehehe fedodikaaaa dat Aussie accent - you nailed that! haha . yesssss steve-O has a very prominent face, what can I say?! xD I need draw moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee + my <3 4 u is rising als0

Thanks for swinging byyyy for the motivation and the fooking awesome crits and lav and shiz <3 <3

not much this update - been sitting on my ass, staring at my screen blankly trying to figure out shit.

so a couple of sketches - I'm sick of failing so hard when I sketch. I'm fixing this D:<

croc study:

this "finished" "dragon" piece

Okay okay I know it's shit. I knooooow. But holy hell did I learn a lot from it!! Like, I should spend more brain power before I delve into something - think about things like, oh I don't know, composition, lighting, edges, values etc etc. <rant> I also now realise that if only I BLOODY DID MORE ILLUSTRATIVE WORK IN THE PAST... I would've been a lot (pardon my French but...) fucking better by now -- but no, I was such a pussy. If anyone is reading this and only doing studies and not applying them - learn from my mistakes!! Imaginative work is bloody vital to improvement! </rant>
Thank you all once again who helped me polish this turd in the crit thread, really meant a lot - she flipped her shit when I printed it and presented it to her :D
so I guess it worked out, which I'm happy about... I'll be even more excited when I can actually paint! \o/ but what the hey, gotta fight through the cocoon first, right?
On a bonus note: that's actually the first real illustration I made for a friend :) feels good to actually complete something you said you'd do for someone haha
More of that in the future!

Anyways, onward to getting my ass kicked ~
'til next time o/

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

(second page top left HNNNNGGGG)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
This is for traditional paint, but it's applicable for digital paint as well if you Smudge the colors, or use soft brush and color-pick the transitioning parts that are already blending (where the red fades into the bg)

Woohoo yes, levelling up definitely happens so much faster when you do finished stuff! I was the same way, too afraid to finish things for a long time :/

Just a late crit for the dragon piece: try to keep in mind a very distinct lighting scenario when setting up the lighting. For instance, I'm not exactly sure if it's supposed to be bleak (because of the grays and greens) or hopeful/heroic (golden light coming in from behind), because both of the main light sources seem to be on equal footing here. If they were backlit, you would probably see some more contrast and also some stronger rimlights on the figures and you could do all kinds of fun stuff with the light saturating them and stuff like that if heroic was your goal :)

I'm right there with ya, not finishing enough stuff at all -_-

ah bit of a ocmposition crit, it seems like you could crop out like, the bottom third of the image and it would still work. I'm not sure if you had to use a fixed aspect ratio, but it seems liek you should try to use all of the space to tell the story, unless you were going for sort of a feeling of emptiness vibe

Been a while since my last visit. And whoa, you're killing it =D

I'm not in the place to give you any crits since, ya know, you're actually definitely DOIN DA DAMN THING; Hustling and getting some CRAZY study-action in. Like, to translate to real life, you're a grown ass man doing some home depot grade/menards construction work type shid on some muhfukin' skyscrapers n shid and planning blueprints for some goddamn starstations and Death Stars n shid and I'm just a little bebe playing with my Rock Raiders Lego set and the occasional quick game of Minecraft on the side.

I mean c'monnnnnnnn; You have/had debilitating pain in your arm that made arting harder and you fricking OWNED THAT SHIT and made it YOUR BITCH! Good lord, this rate you're going to become President of the universe and all of space-time.


I forgot my point...anyways, it's been a minute since I creeped up on your 'book and you really found your old momentum and got back on your grind. GREAT. JOB.

hey there smurfette,

nice illustration you have there. I also like your sketches and the croco study. As for crits (although a bit late ;) I did a quick overpaint.

I thought it would be good to introduce a foreground so I put a bunch of clouds in front of the dragon. Also I thought its anatomy was a bit weird complicated and I could make out a bonestructure. I looked at a bat's arm and applied that to the design. Then I added your cool subsurface scattering and the veins and the other arm.

For the face, as I said I like that croco study so I just put it on their. It may be just personal taste, but its face seems a bit to evil and also a bit lumpy. The croco shape looked clearer and more friendly to me, so I changed that. I also added some shadows on the neck and tried to hide some of the lines on his neck-scales, since lines tend to make things look cartoony.

I also added some clouds in the background to define it a bit more and the bird in the foreground for an additional overlap.

Other than that I really love, I think the colors are really cool and realistic. Nice work.


Attached Files Image(s)

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

//Flo - Dude! You're insane! Thank you so much for the critz! :D
If the crocs weren't from a study, I definitely would have made the dragons head the crocs and... dammit why didn't I just do that? *facepalm* I could've done that and painted over it a bit to make it different. Shit I don't know anymore!
I agree with the feedback, Flo - now to make use of it in the future!

//Mannyhaatz - Hercules himself visited my thread :') #blessed
Man, anyone can provide crits if they see something off about a piece and wanna chime in, they's more than welcome! And LOL hahahahaha xD you crack me up! I can't even that seriously... just, aah made my day x1000. Thanks for motivating me even more Man, keep being awesome (I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR TRICEPS??) :D

//ramalooke - Been a while since my last visit. And whoa, you're killing it =D
I need to visit your sketchy soon as well, (wish I was but) thank you rama :)

//Samszym - Dat crit doe! Thank you Sam, I totally agree, didn't put anywhere near as much thought into this piece as I should've! Will make sure to apply what you said to my next "big" one!
Cheeeeeeeeeers as usual, Sam!!

//pnate - Nate! Oh snaps you're too sweet (seriously) :D because that comment and that feeeeedback! Yesssssssssss! Very much in agree-ance? Agreeance...? whatever that's a word now. Since painting that thing, receiving crits, overpaints and after having read your crit made me come to a serious conclusion - I need to study lighting! Big time! And that's what I'm gonna do every single morning! :) thank you muchly for the crits and stopping by Nate :D

//meat - mucha thank you meat! I need to practise blending more for sure but this'll definitely help with that :) thanks for dropping by + the feedback! :D

//Fedodika - LOL damn right! (I'm not kidding you but I was actually holding my trusty knife when I first read your comment XD) Thank you Fedodididika, now if only I was better at drawing faces :c

You guys make me weep with joy and shit whenever you swing by c; especially with such awesome crits like that, aaah thank you!


Incoming: flying poop!

Imagine if your poop could actually fly though I mean that'd b-...

Uhhh, so anyway! I haven't been posting regularly because:
1. I came down with a nasty infection. Some kinda chest infection blehbleh and
2. because I've been trying to 'find myself' again. So I haven't been on the internetz pretty much all this time (or at least nowhere near as much as I usually would) just so that I could clear my thoughts and feel like a kid again... \

Also, after having read Suzanne Helmigh's latest journal entry on deviantART as I came back to the internet - if really helped solidify these feels of mine. If you haven't checked it out already, I recommend ya do! It's an awesome read.

I feel I learned some stuff... like for example... I'm not a painter! :D
What this means is, I always have and I think I always will prefer drawing over painting. This doesn't mean I won't paint, it just means it makes a lot more sense if I draw things out, scan them and go from value to colour as opposed to starting in straight colour (could've possibly saved the dragon rider chick painting ;_; haha). Besides, I tend to enjoy myself a lot more when I'm sketching on paper, rather than on a tablet (though I'm sure this could change in the future).

Anyways. Here's some crap... Oh and I FINALLY GOT DAT LAMP :D it's awesomesauce, I'm feeelingggg so giddy ^______^
Daily stiff life studies, come at me <3 :

terribad sketches as usual

morning sketches ugh.

doodle in ps ugh.

1st still life

apply! (terribly)

sketch later on in day after still life

2nd still life this morning (rushed colour overlay because I have a lot I want to complete today! HI INKTOBER, HOW YOU DOIN'? ;) )

I study the still lifes with a 1hr timer.

'til next time!


sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

Man SMRRR!!!! I love the FACES!!!! UEEEEEEAAA!!! Some of them, like the boy with the book you colored make me laugh :D! I love the Sketches i love them all!!!! i love your life paintings too damn i can't color overlay like that to save my life. You have such good edges in them sooo much better than mine :-=.. OTL

Anyways i really love everything above this it really makes me excited i have no idea why i guess it's cuz i like seein people get better you always make me happy with your spirit n stuff and the little words you write in the sketches you bet im readin em!!!

<3 <3 hueheueheuheueheueuh gushing over

Edit: Kiss me little man OMG I WANNA TATOO OF THAT!!!!

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Oh dayum those sketchbook pages, so damn nice <3.
And the still life painting is looking fine too! You've got something going on there, push at it!

The still life studies are awesome! Killer sketchbook pages too, love those! I'm happy you took time to find yourself, I feel like there's so much art and communication online things can become kind of clouded.

I notice on a few drawings your running into an issue with the upper arm proportions being too short.

something that's helped/helping me with anatomy and proportions mainly is having these pages from loomis printed and pinned on my wall I remember talking to some dude on the google hangouts some time ago, he said he basically learned anatomy by just having a bunch of anatomy stuff pinned on his wall and over time it's soaked in. Anyway I've found it helpful to glance up when I need to and it's right there for reference.

(half asleep so I hope I didn't just write a bunch of crap lol)

Sketchbook ▲  Website ▲ TwitterArtStation ▲ Twitch ▲

Amazing Update as usual! This still life is frigggin great. Keep pushing.
You guys >< are so amazing! Thanks for popping in my craphole (ew)

//constructicon - You're friggin' great! haha thanks constructicon, will do :3

//Jonesoda - Thank youuuuuu Jones thank you thank you for the feedback! Really, I've got to work on my proportions, I keep slacking. Thinking I'm gonna sneak that into my daily study. Also definitely need to get that Loomis sticking on my wall (sounds grotty.. anyway :3)
Again thank you and for dropping by and the awesome music you share <:

//rafa zanchetin - you're too kind, I still don't know how to draw >< ! will keep pushing and working smarter! Thanks you rafa!

//Fedodika -honestly, you kill me Fedodika xD ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY! It's like you radiate your energy through my screen via caps lock c': I personally dislike the faces :c but ty! thank you thank you thank you hahaha -- the value to colour shit kills me, like I honestly have that sunken feeling in the pit of my stomach every day I do it... but whenever I get that feeling, I know I need to do it that way.

gotta make that feeling your bitch and stuff!

I wish I could see the improvement that you see! and lol when I sketch, I don't even think about the stuff I speech bubble :s bit of a worry haha, but really. thanksssssssss as always, all of this flattery is meking me bloosh.
Now I wanna get better!


Crappa crappa incoming crappola she says!

portrait quickies

shape quickies

I wanna draw more! so fun I can't even

trials and tribulations of...
love it so much, even though I'm failing and shit, I think I've found something I really love doing!
Day 1

Day 2 (kill me)

Day 3 (I'm sorry for your eyes :/)

Day 4 (today - what even? how to... what is ink? ¯\(°_o)/¯ )
(Managed to save the loose sketch before ink and final edits to symmetry :/)

So cliché and ugh oh well, come on day 5!

stuffs. need to do more to be able to paint simple shapes effectively and whatnot

more daily still lifes

trying to apply last still life(1hr) - also, from value to colour... because fck being afraid of failing at it.

Also: Daredevil is the coolest superhero & idgaf what anyone thinks :D haha

Let's keep going, thanks for the inspiration to keep pushing daggers <3 y'all

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

Okay real feedback... hmm... uuuuuh stop being so AWeSOME!!! HEHE uh... color color... Oh boy i feel a novel comin on. (whoo opinions)

During my journey of improvement i have noticed something interesting about Dave Rapoza and Algenpfleger's approach to color early that has made me adopt some staunch beliefs. (Pulls up another tab)

^Take this deviation for example, algen himself was talking about trying to "not overlay the same three colors." as he is trying to get away from that "washed out overlay look"

^Same with this deviation and most of Daves work from before 2009. The values are okay but the colors are washed out and bleh bleh.

Now i've seen grayscale to color been done supremely well before obviously, cough cough

BUT! I think it's important to see the "correct" colors and temperatures of things to understand appropriately how they interact. *Ugh i hate giving crits but i know they can help >.>.

Anyways i think it'd be good to try and see the right colors in a practice every now and then, like that orange light comin in one onna those still lives is really kickin! because the value works obviously. I know you're not a painter and more a tonalist but CMON GIRL COLORS ARE AWESOMEEEMEE! just every now and then go straight color on something it will help a loooot! in the grand scheme of things i think :)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]

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