AlCo's Sketchbook
Batch of gestures done today:

[Image: A8yI4i4.jpg]

[Image: Gayb8XU.jpg]

Very good that you're so active in your sketchbook already just after joining, and welcome! :) These are looking good for 1 min gestures. Might I suggest you start trying out line weights in your gestures next time? Look up line weight if you're not sure what it is. It's basically pressing down hard and dark at some point, and then pressing feather light at some other area. It will give your drawings a different feeling. Try it out, and see if you like what's happening, and how you can further use that technique in your future drawings.

Hey man, keep going with those gestures! you're catching the idea of the pose nicely. Maybe some exercises to help develop the volume and form to the masses (head, ribcage, pelvis). A good exercises is from the dynamic sketching CGMA videos with Peter Han. He basically starts off just sketching a random, flat outline of a shape, then thinks about it as a volume by adding a centre line and lines that wrap around the form from side to side and ends up with stuff like this:

Those are really tight and finished looking, but it's just an exercise so they don't need to look as good as that. Start off simple, draw about 4 or 5 shapes on a page and jump between them adding centre lines and wrapping lines. It's a nice exercise to do regularly and can also be done as little doodles when out and about on a notebook or something.

It will help you to see and think in 3D on a flat page, so you can then incorporate that sense of 3D into your figures and gestures.


Oh yea! I originally came here to post you this video, might be useful for you depending on whether you could get into this way of practising;

Hey man, thanks for dropping by my SB. :) Great to see you are doing the Draw a Box course too. The lines and ellipses looks pretty good, you did a nice job with those superimposed lines. I vaguely hate that exercise. It mocks me. LOL But doing it improves my ability a lot. But where are the freehand and organic boxes? And the form intersections? Share more man, I want to see them! Honestly, I think the Draw a Box lessons are probably what is going to have the biggest impact with, well, everything. And there are anatomy lessons too later! So that is what I'm focusing on.

Your 250 box challenge looks good, I wish I could magnify more but the lines look nice and straight and the line weights are dynamic. However, it looks like you have some near-far plane issues hiding out in there. I recommend drawing through your boxes, as it is harder to make that mistake when you can see all the planes. Don't worry about being pretty. It might look nicer to only draw the lines we can see, but we want to understand the box as a solid thing at this point.

I don't have much crit for your gestures and stuff, as I'm not doing those right now. I need to though. In some of those 5 min. gestures it looks like you stopped doing gestures and started copying outlines, though, I'd watch for that. Proko has a great explanation of the difference between contour and gesture here (link), and a great video on what a gesture is here (link), check them out if you haven't seen them.

Keep studying man! It's all about mileage.

"Drawing is a skill like hammering a nail. You might not be great at it yet, but there is nothing stopping you from gettin' down and hammering away." -Irshad Karim

Hey man! Thanks for stopping by my sb. I just read through your whole sb, a ton of useful information in here (also big thanks to JyonnyNovice for all the detailed write ups). Your sb reminds me to start working on my soft-surface stuff. Anytime I try to add any people to my environments they look like sb threw them off a building before posing them...have to work on that. I'll definitely follow your thread as I'm doing my drawings besides a full time job too. Unfortunately I have no critique whatsoever, but: keep it up man, I'm excited to see you next steps!

Hey man, nice sketchbook you got there.  I have some suggestion after reading your thread, mainly about motivation I would say. 

1st, for your gesture, I think you are going in a good direction. Personally, I try to capture the energy first and then put down the volumes (cylinders). Like someone says earlier, you can take more time for your gesture if you need it to analyse the pose better. You can also don't limit yourself to contour lines, go watch some glenn vilppu video on gesture, he's a beast about energy and flow of the figure.

2nd, I personally ''like'' when I am failing  at drawing from imagination because that way I can analyse what I don't like about the crappy drawing and try again until I am somewhat happy about it. And on the same notes when I get frustrated about it try to use that energy into your drawing, like some else said, when this happen I know my drawing are going to be F*** crappy so I just put on some metal or hardcore music and go with it. I would say it is better to be frustrated than to not give a shit about it. Use that desire to draw better at your advantage.

Finally, books are good, but the world is better. When you are studying the world (from life or photo) you can give your own interpretation and how you see it.

So yeh hope this is helpful, or sorry if it sounds like bs :)

edit : nce read :
Ehi guys, first thing first, you all deserve an apologize for the late reply; I fell in a rut, I got frustrated at some point (don't even know precisely when and why) and I've been slacking and procrastinating a lot lately, didn't have the will force and mind power to even touch a pencil in this past month :( I lost that initial energy I had at the beginning and I don't know why, I blame my daily-job because it drains me out and I don't feel like sitting down after to do shitty drawings and get even more frustrated. Well, I guess I just gave up easily, but I have this drawing-thing stuck in my guts and I now I'll never ever leave it behind, I just need to get back at it and find a way to deal with me avoiding it.

I know there were no need to say sorry, I just feel I found out some crazy talented persons who are actually caring and spending their time to browse through my posts and give tips and share their knowledge, I will never be thankful enough :)


meat Ehi man, thanks for stopping by and for welcoming me :) I will try to use some line-weight next time for sure! I didn't even considered it due to the speed of doing the gesture in that amount of time, I was just thinking about getting the pose down somewhat right!


Jyonny Ehi dude, thanks! I still feel like I'm not completely getting how to sketch down the pose, but struggling will surely bring me somewhere I guess haha :) I was actually doing the Draw-a-Box lesson at that time on the same level as you mentioned with Peter Han's, following this: check this out and tell me, I think it's somewhat the same (the drawabox dude got taught by Han himself)

About the Sycra video, I remember I watched it, went right up to check CD and found out your reply with that same vid ahah I don't remember the whole vid, but the iterative process and what he said about it seems on point! Actually he damn right. When I draw, I usually doodle things randomly most of the time and - for example - if I do a couple of study of the head, then I go to draw something else and that's stupid. I know I should focus on what I've just drawn, then do some iterations on it until I got it right, but I seem to not understand the concept! You know why? I get easily bored (and frustrated). But these are just made-up excuses because I don't want to draw something over and over again, my issue! I saw he did a follow up of that, will watch it eventually!


Sagittarius dude, thanks to you for all the info! I am keeping this post way too long, but thanks! You know what, I almost finished lesson 2 like over a month ago, I am only missing the shape intersection exercise, I found it awfully hard and didn't quite understand how each different shape intersect, I need to figure it out!

I will watch the Proko's videos again (watched actually tons of em, but I seem to be lacking info all the way!)


miracoly dude, thanks to you! For what I recall, you have some really amazing stuff, need to check your most recent stuff and see what you did! I feel you about the full-time job, doing one too and man wish I was drawing more even with that tacking away some precious time from me! I will give you some reasons to keep following the thread, thanks for the trust :)


Raphael thanks for stopping by dude, I really appreciate it! Huge fan of your works :) I've already watched some Villpu videos, I can't really understand how he does it, he's all like 'find the flow' puf pif paf and draws magnifically gestures! Always wanted to buy his videos collection to gain more insights about his method, when I draw gestures I feel all stiff and like something is clinching my guts! I guess that's because I am not relaxed when drawing and that shows with my drawings ;(

I usually used to draw in public or outside, now I feel completely embarrassed about it, like you feel the expectations if someone is watching you and if you end up doing a shitty work then you got an instant disappointing feedback, I just don't go drawing publicly anymore xD and that's stupid, I know, I need to work on it.

I read the fb post you linked me, and I can't agree more. I rely on motivation too, I always tell myself "ehi dude relax, you don't feel like drawing, don't draw, it will eventually come tomorrow" – then tomorrow comes, and I feel exactly like the day before, and I go doing something else. For a long time I kept telling myself "dude, if you buy all these books about drawing you will learn to draw and become a beast!" Got plenty of books and still need to read them all, browse a lot through, got frustrated and don't draw at all x_x how stupid I am.


Peeps, sorry for the pantagruelic wall of text, thanks if you read all the way down here. I'll get back at drawing, I just scribbled some ellipses, a box and poison-vial for a friend (not worth showing).

Hey AIco, props for coming back and being this honest! I think you shouldn't be worrying so much now, you already came back and its all good, just try to pick up the pencil each day. And even if what you're drawing is not so great, the fact that you did draw it shows that your motivation IS great and thats the best thing to have while learning, a great motivation. Just sometimes try to reflect your progress on the motivation side, it helps to keep going. And I dont know what your job is, but probably you'll have a lunch break of some sort? Just try to use that time to draw a bit. That helps me a lot to stay on track. In the middle of the day I'm always motivated to draw. I really feel you about not having enough energy left at the end of a day, so just try to draw a bit when you still got some :)

I'm really excited to see what you'll create next. Just keep it up! For now I can say: great you're back, best decision I think.

Great job ! I find your SB very inspiring ! :)

Hey man, it's so tough being at that frustrating stage where you aren't happy with your stuff but trust me, it doesn't last all that long! Keep reading, watching youtube videos and most importantly drawing and struggling and you'll get through it in no time!

This is some guidance from Daisaku Ikeda (a buddhist mentor), he says we need to make and keep promises to ourselves, that is the basis for all our interactions being honest - but only if we can be honest and keep our promises to ourselves. So, you can make a determination, and make a promise to yourself like (for example) 'I will do 20 minutes gesture drawing everyday, without fail, no matter what' and really hold yourself to that, you will really start to fly in no time. If you have to go to bed later, it's only 20 minutes right? or get up 20 minutes earlier if you are fresher and more motivated in the morning - the time is there, we just have to seize it! (speaking from experience, when I started drawing I had a full time job, so I really really do know what it's like!) Hang in there man! It's good that you got the bug since no matter how it happens you'll end up drawing somehow : )

This could be a good read for you:

Havn't read it myself but have heard only good things about it so far.

What always works for me is: Procrastination might be ok sometimes but at the end
DOING stuff is far less painful than knowing you havn't done anything.

Keep your head up, have fun and create something shitty... i said shitty because anything else just puts pressure on you which will lead to procrastination.

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(02-11-2016, 06:27 AM)AlCo Wrote: I usually used to draw in public or outside, now I feel completely embarrassed about it, like you feel the expectations if someone is watching you and if you end up doing a shitty work then you got an instant disappointing feedback, I just don't go drawing publicly anymore xD and that's stupid, I know, I need to work on it.

I'd wear earphones to drown out the crowd noise!

Hypothetically speaking. Let's say someone did give you a negative feedback. Let's say, you're in a mall sketching away and then suddenly, someone abruptly taps you on your shoulder: "My mentally challenged, colorblind, one-eyed, 3 fingered cousin can draw better than you"...

Would that stop you from getting better at what you're doing?

I sold ashcan comic books in conventions with a couple of friends for a good year and a half.  I had so many people breeze through our book and take a pass. I had negative comments thrown my way. I understand negative feedbacks and how disheartening and crushing those can be. I understand this artistic phase of "what's the point of what I'm doing if I couldn't be as good as the other guy?".

This is what I learned in my journey: the worst thing anyone can say to you is that you don't have what it takes. In all honesty, ask yourself, would that *really* stop you from getting better?

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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miracoly ehi man, thanks a lot for your words, I know this sounds cliché (and I really wished I had some great people like you guys slapping my face every day with motivation* and inspiration), but thanks! I have a full time job as a graphic designer, nothing fancy but I earn a little in order to keep going. I do have a lunch break, but I usually spend that time with colleagues at the lunch table (maybe I should just eat and do some drawings? Ahah they would take it personally, you know how this things work, even if I shouldn't care about others' opinion).

Mariyan-Hristov thanks a lot for stopping, appreciated! :)

Jyonny ehi dude, as always, thanks for taking time to reply! I kept at it, watching vids, few doodles and scribbles, you'll what I've been up to! :)

nutriman oh dude thanks a lot for stopping by and for the book suggestion, I'll definitely try to put my hands on it (I just have something like 100+ books to read still, but I'll manage haha!) Your words really relieves me and chill a bit, even if it's shit, JUST FUCKIN DO IT. :)

John please do this more often. Nobody would ever stop me to get better, but I let 'others' intimidate me in some way. I care about others' opinion in some way. I still blame the place where i live, the people I hang out with, my workplace, because they are not helping me getting better. I don't how much this sounds stupid. You know, I always dream of hanging out with cool people, creative people that do things and make stuff. None of the people are part of my life actually have some sort of "ambitions" or creative hobbies. Please tell me a lot of this is also my fault, because I can't face the fact that improving at art is a hell of a thing to do and I'm just too weak to admit it (perhaps I'm doing it and recognizing it).

So, guys, following up a collection of worthless and old doodles and sketches done on A4/A3 paper sheets. This is what I usually do when I get home (no structure, nothing since the last time I stopped doing it seriously).

[Image: g67FNQk.jpg]

I also did some motion design thingy for friends:

[Image: giphy.gif]

I think I will have some projects in a not-so-distant-future, graphic design and illustration probably.

Bonus: I wanted to share my collections (and some missing) of art books. Please share yours too if you'd like! :)

[Image: aAquoYg.jpg]

Cheers :)

(02-24-2016, 01:56 PM)AlCo Wrote: I still blame the place where i live, the people I hang out with, my workplace, because they are not helping me getting better. I don't how much this sounds stupid. You know, I always dream of hanging out with cool people, creative people that do things and make stuff. None of the people are part of my life actually have some sort of "ambitions" or creative hobbies. Please tell me a lot of this is also my fault, because I can't face the fact that improving at art is a hell of a thing to do and I'm just too weak to admit it (perhaps I'm doing it and recognizing it).
This may sound petty to a lot of people, but, coming from a minority group in a third world country, I feel so honored just to be here and get to talk to you guys! Fellow artists! Who are into the same thing I'm into! Making great stuff for the entertainment industry! Or, at the very least, just making really nice painterly stuff.

I know that feeling of wanting to be with a certain crowd. To me, this forum, this group of people fills that void. I know it sounds silly, but I will take anything I can get. I swear I'm so thankful we even got internet in our place, regardless how clunky it is. And add to that, most importantly, I am super grateful for all the people I've interacted with here. I've talked to beasts! BEASTS! And I feel like am a lucky bastard who got the receiving end of tips and advice that I will forever treasure. I think they have no reason why they should reach out and help, but they did. That's why I will always feel indebted to all of them. I'm telling you, I've never been in a forum that is teeming with talented and accommodating nice people. It's nice to know there's still nice people out there.

And your sentiments aren't stupid. And, look, there's nothing wrong about feeling intimidated. Everybody gets intimidated.

Because, this *is* intimidating. The art game is a steep mountain to climb. I might even say, it is as if scaling a cliff! But, if you think reaching the top is worth it, ('top', meaning, making designs for Marvel, starting your own studio, making your own brand, or whatever it is you think the top is), I think anything that's worth having in the end is worth starting now.

When I hit a wall, or get into a Kobayashi Maru situation, I remember this. A great man once said: "Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."

AlCo, as your online art peer, I will try to help out. I probably won't give you art critiques, because I'm not in the position to give good ones. I just hope I could help out by getting you into a better, a more positive frame of mind.

To getting better!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Hey everyone, it's been a while uh?
It's really hard to sum up everything that has been going on for the past 4 years, and I'm sorry I disappeared just like I popped up, out of nowhere.
Few months after my last post I got into a brutal depression, took me a year to recover and am still struggling with anxiety and general moods swing and other shitty stuff, BUT, I'm still alive, I kept at it and here I am. Things has been crazy lately in the world and I hope y'all are doing good :) just wanted to pass by, I'm more active on Instagram but I'll post some stuff I did here as well, hope you'll enjoy them! See ya soon, hopefully

Some end of 2019 works, mostly digital, except for Tyler the Creator and the portrait with the guy and the car which were done in graphite.

[Image: xapXEgA.jpg]

[Image: DPXQASh.jpg]

[Image: gT9GxwZ.jpg]

[Image: wLoBQY4.jpg]

[Image: WuX2837.jpg]

[Image: hJ7AVwG.jpg]

[Image: u7AEBQn.jpg]

[Image: Ql2cKUK.jpg]

Amazing progress since your last post! You have a great eye for design and graphics! Truly impressive!

I'm happy that you seem to have kept up with the artworks despite the depression. It can be a very bad and draining disease. It seems like the whole world may be suffering a bit from it now due to the present circumstances.

I'm following you on insta, and I hope you keep posting and updating in this thread as well! Keep up the good work!

welcome back, great artwork! glad you kept it going : )

Hey AlCo, welcome back :).

Cool update - I particularly love the lady with the violin - very striking!

Sorry to hear about your troubles - hopefully you are on the mend now :).

Take care :).

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Welcome back dude ! Hope you're doing better ! I really want to see your art improve and become masterpieces so i hope to see you around a lot now ! Keep it up !!

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