Sketchbook 2.0
And just a quick coloring test

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Some studies and a Wip

Oh my gosh, hi!

I remember going through your old sketchbook when I was just a lurker at the end of 2012 :D
It filled me with lots of inspiration fuel, thank you for that!

I'm so happy you've decided to post again... so much to take in! Digging your brushstrokessss

Can't wait to see what you have to show, these wips are looking beaut!!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Hey smrr, thanks for the kind comment! I think I remember you back from 2012.

Sorry for not posting earlier, but I was quite busy... then I got screwed by a client and didn't get paid and then I started to learn blender and do mostly studies on paper so I didn't have anything worthy to post.

I hope to post here fairly regularly though. Here is a painting I've spent whole day yesterday. An attempt at realism, still needs some work and I'm not entirelu happy how it turned out. Any advice/critique would be appreciated.

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Monkey studies I did today emulating traditional painting with my newly created brush (stick + glue + nose hair).

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Hey, Mariyan-Hristov, thank you!

Sorry for not posting but somehow I was logged out, didn't remember my password and it turned out my recovery mailbox was deleted.  

Anyway I'm going to post some new finished pieces this week.

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Environment and a study

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Hi, I love these landscapes, very painterly but still with lots of details. Outstanding.

Keep it up and have fun with it! :)

Thank you, Pavel for your kind words.

Here is a fun piece - "May I borrow your phone?"

I might actually make few adjustments tomorrow, we'll see.

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New piece, more to come today or tomorrow.

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Some rocks studies I did in past few days:

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(01-29-2016, 07:36 AM)Piotr Jasielski Wrote: Some rocks studies I did in past few days:

Great studies! But you know what i have noticed,you're  trying to apply too much brush strokes on one place. And it's become noisier. I am by no means a great painter,but i think by using less strokes will make your painting not only look painterly,but easier on an eye too.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks, that may be of help. I wish I could be as efficient with my strokes as Craig Mullins, but there is still a long way to go :)

Rest of my latest pieces

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Some new studies from the Materials/effects study group.

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Hey Piotr,

really cool comp on that monster sucking in the little guy. That halfmoon is so iconic.

Like somebody allready said, you could be a bit easier on the texture here and there to get a better hierarchy in your paintings. Although I see it in the cloud studies where you use soft brushes and more textured brushes.

Do you use photo overlays or is all of it painted by hand?

Keep it up!

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

Hi there !

Just wanted to say- awesome work you have here and nice color control.

Also just a tip on that dragon on post #31- from the point where the lighting is coming, he should have more shadows on his face and on parts of his body thats facing away from it. You'll get much more depht that way. : )

But overall, really great stuff, keep it up !

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@ Flo: Thanks. My work is sometimes definitely too messy. I'm working on that. Hopefully I'll lear how to use textured brushes more efficiently.

It's mostly painted. I'm not very good at using phototextures and I'm a big fan of organic painting.  I often use photos as a base for my colors but I paint it over. There are some phototextures in the piece in jungle but that's rather an exception.

@ShinOkami: Thank you. I actually planned to make some cool cast shadows of trees, but I pretty much failed. I had no energy and time to fix this, so I went with what I had :/

Some studies:

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The "Can I Borrow Your Phone" piece is hilarious. I can't help but wonder why the red balloon?
Nevertheless, he way you painted the foliage is beautiful.

Damn your landscapes and your monkeys are so great :D I love your brushwork !

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