Sula's Sketchbook
Thank you Mactire :)

Gotta keep trying. Focusing a lot more on shapes now, specially after today's Gurney's blog post.

[Image: SB-41.jpg]

So I have this little dirty folder called "photoshop junky" were I dump all my non professional stuff.
So this weekend I have nothing professional to show, so here have this little weird sketch. I promise you all I have been trying, but I am on a low atm.

[Image: Salvaged-sketch-06.jpg]

Ok, scanned this because a friend asked, so why not drop it in here too. Still studying faces. Next up in expressions, awaiting for my books from Amazon.

[Image: SB-42.jpg]

Here, have a creepy little sketch.
[Image: Salvaged-sketch-07.jpg]

More warm up before delving into portfolio piece
[Image: Salvaged-sketch-08.jpg]

Wooo, nice, makin progress! Just keep pushin forward! You could try to do some really quick face gestures every now and then, just to get yourself warmed up before a longer study or imagination piece.

Also, try not to feel too low even when life gets too shitty. Just look at this guy: Motivation

Hahaha thanks Dennis!
Awesome video.

I will go back to gestures, been a while since I have done them. Really focusing on longer studies for sure nowadays.

Here. One more for today.
[Image: Salvaged-sketch-09.jpg]

I like the elf girl and that one before. You're clearly getting better. Keep it up!

Really enjoyed going through your sketchbook. I especially like the 'warm up' elf. Will be keeping an eye on your sketchbook.

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Thanks for stopping by guys :D

And here, sketchbook dump! Seems I have been really into fanart this days eh. There is a lot of Loki here, and I am not really sorry for that. Also dug up my decent art materials, like my 9B and by canson papers. Fun. I am starting to really enjoy graphite as a medium.

[Image: SB-43.jpg]
[Image: SB-44.jpg]
[Image: SB-45.jpg]
[Image: SB-46.jpg]
[Image: SB-47.jpg]
[Image: SB-48.jpg]
[Image: SB-49.jpg]
[Image: SB-50.jpg]
[Image: SB-51.jpg]

I do have a problem drawing guys propely - I am trying to focus this ...fangirling into something useful at least.

hehe:D seeing all this beautifull sketches makes me wanna draw! Cool stuff in here!:D
Very cool pencils!

Really like your penciled stuff too!

Incredible sketchbook! Even though you say you'd like more time to practice and study, it's good to see that you're making the best of your freetime. I love your pencil stuff, such confidence with the gestures and poses. Some of the photoshop stuff comes off dark on my screen, would love to see a little variety. Otherwise, keep it up! :D

lookin good dude

Yay, so much love! thanks guys :D I'll try and post pencils more often. I have been doing them regularly, it's nice to see it's showing ^^

@Stace: thank you! It's kinda awkward because I do a lot of random stuff at my day job (I do work on an illustration studio), so when I get home I am just itching to do what I could not have done at work heheh. Also, this last few weeks I have been focusing on faces - to finally fix them, since they were a wreck. Next step are expressions, then I will probably focus on environments. And thanks for stopping by! <3

AAAAnnnnd WIP flood. :p I will try not to flood it too much, but I will post a couple of WIPs before calling this done. Any comments and feedback are more than welcome!
[Image: Satyr-01.jpg]

Like where this piece is going, are you going to continue it?

Really nice sketches you got here. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Really good, looking forward to see the progress on that piece!

It's been a while since last time I checked this SB, you posted so many good pencil drawings : D Good job with the portraits too. Looking forward to the last one : )

Yay, thanks for the comments guys!
I said I wasn't going to spam it, but it's so hard to keep this not updated, so please bear with me.
(also, I prefer to scan sketches in batches :p)

And yes James! I have every intention to finish it. :D
Going to try and make this one less dark.
Couple more hours into it, trying to nail down the colors and abuse a bit more of texture brushes.

[Image: Satyr-02.jpg]


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