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Hello and welcome, Lisa! :D

I somewhat agree with pandaladie, although on the "use more refs for posing", etc. I just want to remind you that what you're doing is good - you have the idea of the pose in your mind and draw it from your mind. Only after you sketch how you think the anatomy should be placed, with good proportions and actively thinking about form in perspective should you be concerned about using refs. Refs are wonderful, but make sure to use them effectively. Don't use them as a crutch i.e. just copying a pose and more completely from a photo (although, it's different if you take your own references shots). When you sketch out your idea, and you think a leg is off or something - sure, look at refs of a leg in the position you see your character in.

You'll learn more if you study your anatomy (Loomis, Loomis, Loomis!) and apply what you've learned :3

All the best, I believe in ya!

Keep it up, never slow!


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