MagneticScrolls Sketchbook - Starting from the beginning again
Here the approch i suggest.

Just work using line no cross hatching allowed when you block in shadow don't use gradation simply use a flat value.

Step 1
From each corner of the frame of the image draw one diagonal really lightly going to the opposite corner of the frame
Now you should have an a big x that made you find the center of the image it really important not to over look the importance of the middle of the image it an important point you will need for further step.

Step 2
Now you can draw 2 line one vertical and one horizontal those line will meet the center of the image.

Optional step
Is to also useful determine the center of each quadran for extra precision it might be good to do this step on more complex subject matter.

Step 3
You should now have 4 equal square or rectangle we will refer as to quadran.

Step 4
Find 3 really simple shape that would best encapsulate the outline of the subject.Try to simplify using straight angle and or big curvy line don't get to lost to early into the detail that where everything can go wrong.

Step 5
Find shadow mass that can help you connect and capture the space between shape.Use a the side of lead pencil to block in flat value.

Step 6
Try to create shape by finding where area of light and shadow meet.

Helpful note

Alway find the angle of the nose to find the angle of the head in relation to the body.

You can than use that angle to construct the feature of the face as a center line

Try to think in term of 3 to 5 grey tone alway tell yourself is this a strong dark or is this a zone that is receiving alot of light.

Adjust the value as you go checking to never go darker than the image alway go lighter at first but finish with strong dark.

This process can be use to start many study.Not only portrait.

One of the most important thing is to mark point inside the 4 quadrant so that you can connect those point to create curve and line that will be turn into shape.It important to practice creating and find point inside quadrant. This practice accuracy.

Thing to be aware of
Is the framing is it horizontale or verticale?

What is the biggest shape inside one of the quadran the negative or positive shape.Do this for each quadran this will help you determine the biggest form. Choosing the biggest shape help find proportion error faster it harder to detect angle and proportion error on small shape.That why you want to find the biggest shape between the negative shape and the positive shape.

For example inside the quadran 1 we could say without a doubt it easier to determine the negative shape (background) not because it flat but because it occupy more of the space inside the first quadran.

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