Animatosoor's Sketchbook
Welcome to the forum Animatosoor and well done for posting your works :).

You have some good stuff going on here.

My advice is to keep going with the perspective stuff. Try to think in 3D as you are drawing - like the way teaches. Try to find shadow shapes whenever you can - that really helps. This stuff will then help when you move forward with whatever you want to specialise in, be it characters or enviros or machines.

Also try to find artists that you would like to emulate. Having a style you want to aim for will make your studies more efficient and you can target your studies towards that end. If you can state your aims in this thread, hopefully people will take that into account and give you more relevant feedback.

Anyway enough rambling from me, hope that helps just a little bit, good luck with your art journey, keep posting :).

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CD Sketchbook


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