Imogen's Sketchbook ♥ Here I go (again)..
(10-13-2020, 12:30 PM)darktiste Wrote: You could do tutorial since you seem to like to put text with your art.Perhaps you could mix both and learn some caligraphy if that something your into.You sure seem to like to make a good presentation.Maybe you could even develop a like for thing like infography if you know what it is but use it to teach people about topic you have interest in.

Oh and the cup drawing is lovely it as the porcelain feel something i am yet to attempt.Is the pinguin for adoption?

Heya, I'm not good enough at much of anything to do tutorials.  But thanks.  It's more I like to journal my thoughts and progress around my art.  - For myself to refer back to later or to give some contexts.

I already know faux Calligraphy - as I have demonstrated in 2 or 3 art pieces.  I enjoy it but no point me teaching it or anything as I learnt from the amazing people at loveleighloops over on youtube how to do it and I'm still practising.  - Haven't yet learnt my upper case lettering.

Not really into infographic stuff either - my fiance does it for a living along side motion graphics and I just don't see any excitement in it.  I'm more here looking to learn and improve than I am to teach.

Thank you, I am massively pleased with how the cup turned out.  And I would so adopt this Penguin lol <3

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