Somewhat Goal
That is a lot to unfold. But yeah that is pretty much what i want to do, I just believe that you don't need to have a passion for a thing to be able to be good at it(college) I think can survive the 4 yrs and become good at that field while also continuously trying to improve my art skill. In my situation I just could not attend college(I don't wanna get in to details on why).

Burnout is a really big thing I think it happened to me a couple of times along with school workload, resulting to me stop doing art. From that experience I think I can slow down or relax when I feel like I am reaching that point.

Things that I keep reminding myself when feeling unmotivated:
There is this podcast with Even Mehl Amundsen, The main idea is doing little everytime is beneficial and it can even be the faster route.

In an interview of Marko Djurdjevic he said that dave rapoza send him an e-mail of his art asking an estimate on how long will it take him to be good (marko said you can do it 2 years focusing on this and that) with dave rapoza replying I am gonna do it in a year and he did.

One more:
These one is what I am currently focusing on developing the discipline of studying and applying.

Don't be shy and message me if you have any questions.

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