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I just want to echo what previous posters said. Anything you would need to learn to achieve something on the level of the images you shared is readily available on the Internet or in bookstores. What art school will give you that you can't get anywhere else to the same degree is guidance, a motivating environment, and connections (which of course is partially dependant on WHICH art school you go to). Whether or not that makes it worth the cost is up to you and your current circumstances to decide.

The only artist I recognize in your favorites is Ross Tran, who went to the ArtCenter College of Design and even had Jaime Jones for a teacher. What's worth keeping in mind though is that the work he made in school bares almost 0 resemblance to what he does now. Which goes to show that art school can help you gain the skills you need, but it can be stifling as well. I mean, I don't know if drawing cute girls everyday for social media is truly his greatest passion, but it's probably closer to it than the stuff in his school portfolio.

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