BS#5- Totoro + Chihiro
Final version:
[Image: neighbor_totoro.jpg]
Comps and studies: and

I can't decide beetween Totoro and Spirited Away!! xD
Here's some comps for Totoro and the last one for Chihiro.

[Image: comp1.png]
[Image: comp2.png]
[Image: comp3.png]
[Image: comp4.png]
and Spirited Away
[Image: comp5.png]

Really digging your comps so far!

Be careful not to add a frame within an already implied frame.

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Number two looks like it could become an image right out of a children's book.

I think you have something going on with number 3 and 4. The big guy is kind of hiding in plain sight in the background and cutting off right above his mouth was a good choice. Maybe show both the little girls in that sort of composition?
They're all looking good so far. Remember that it's re-inventing Miyazaki and some of these look like they're too close to the original style. Might just be because they're sketches so apologies if so. Look forward to seeing more!

Thanks a lot, guys! :heart:
@RachelCham Yeah, the sketches still look "anime", but I'm doing some studies for the final image. =)
@Zesiul Do you mean for the Spirited Away comp? Or all the comps? I made some changes on this comp.
@Samothrace If I decide to work on the Totoro pic, I'll use the comp #3. I'm not sure about adding another girl, but I'll try to add another element ;)

Here some new studies and comp.
[Image: estudo.png]
Western version ...? I do not know, When people adapt japanese movies / stories they use occidental characters. There is a reason to do it, but I'll make studies for asian girls too.
[Image: comp6.png]

These look great! I think #2 is very iconic and could work as both a movie poster or a children's book illustration. Great studies too
@CanisPanthera Thanks! =D

More studies and I'll start working on this comp:
[Image: compz.png]
[Image: estudo2.png]
[Image: totoro_rain.png]

damn loving the studies and comps so far keep pushing it
Thanks, CarlSpringer!
Start working on the final pic.
But I don't know, Totoro's smile looks too much..."scary"? Without the smile he also looks like a psycho hahah
Added some creatures to try to make Totoro does not seem so scary. Wich version looks better?
[Image: first_final_640.png]

(02-03-2012, 04:28 AM)Zaphk Wrote: But I don't know, Totoro's smile looks too much..."scary"?

What makes his smile look scary is that you're rendering each gap between each tooth and you need to add some smile lines on the ends of the mouth. I attached a quick paint-over for you to see what I'm talking about. Part of what makes the smile look intimidating is that it is a very human smile on top of a rabbit's furry face.

Woah dude, lots of awesome ideas. So much work too! badass...
I like the second one, but not as a poster/dvd thing. Spirited away one looks great too, you really captured it.
@Samothrace Many thanks! It looks much better now, I owe you one! ;) Just cleaning the lines between the tooth made his expression seems not so creepy.
@Macabacus Thank you! If I have time, I'll work on the Chihiro picture too for this bloodsport, or maybe finish it later. =)

New version after Samothrace's help:
[Image: FINAL_prev1.png]

Looking awesome. Just curious, where did you get your refs for the studies?
looking good!
Oh wow I love everything on this page, you have a really great style :) Looking forward to progression.

New update. I wish to finish today, will spend the whole day on it...hopefully. And then will start Spirited Away picture, or maybe some other stuffs haha.
More studies:
[Image: 12oHM.jpg]
And how it's going:
[Image: FINAL5prev.png]

@icius Thanks! Mostly searched images on and google images (looking for "girl surprised", "asian kids", "totoro no mori", "japanese forest" and stuffs like that. =)
Other references/ inspirations was Totoro and Chihiro artbook and the movies and posters "Pans Labyrinth", "Never Ending Story", "Re-cycle" and "The secret garden"
@CanisPanthera Thanks! =)
@Tooth Thank you, glad you like it!

pff amazing dudee looks like a real pixar movieee i likee it so much XD
Looks great :D will be nice to see some drops of water on the plants, will make it look more like it's been raining and emphasises the puddle she's stood in.

I love Your comps! You have a very good understanding of space and values. In my opinion You made the last version worse though.

My piece of advice: Keep the backgroud dark. Focus the light on the girl and this creatures belly, so it would instantly pop out the focal point. Move the girl a little bit to the right so that her body balance were exactly in the middle of illustration. Adjust the contrast a little bit. Try to stay in warmer colors within the focal point area and move gradually towards cooler tones as the picture is closer to the frame.

Good luck in the contest!

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