Marinac's sketchbook!
Hi guys,

My name is Marina and I'm 26 years old. Studied painting in Academy of Arts in Novi Sad,Serbia. I learned little bit of everything but never actually learned to draw and paint properly.

I've always had an interest for a character and costume design all the way from high school but never actually worked on that.

I'd like you to feel free to comment my work with no holding back.

Here are some studies from movies/series that I like :

[Image: vqc7lmH.png]

[Image: VLiPuPp.png]

[Image: SiuhRY0.png]
Hello there. :D And welcome to crimsn daggers. You have really good potential just do't stop practicing and make lot of studies. hope to see some more drawings/sketches/paintings from you. *waves*

// Sketchbook // DeviantArt //

May the painting skills be with you! :3
stonedpanda03 thank you a lot, I appreciate it! I have no intention to stop practicing because I already decided to be much much better in this!

Then I tried to create my own characters with no precise idea in which direction to go next. I was just doing the things that interests me. And I don't think they're finished yet... 'elp!

[Image: 8476LW1.png]

[Image: 38Ro7Wn.png]

[Image: GIXfNNd.png]

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Working on last piece ... thought it would be more interesting with a spear.

Currently I am creating a new character. As inspiration I took the character of the Witcher. Struguling with a pose..

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Done some changes on my :sci fi prince:

[Image: jcNP5l4.png]

Choose this pose for a new character:

[Image: vb17EdG.png]


Carbonmade portfolio

Hello ppl , soooo  glad to be back :* I 've been absente for so long...Almost 2 years I work as a character artist in HOPA games idustry. It s not an excuse not to continue with my personal work, I m aware of that...but I can say that I ve learned a lot through this time.

I came to this point...where I adopted and learned new things about character art and design, but I have a wish to learn and do much more on my personal stuff combining with things and techniques that I defined through this long "rest" :) period.

Feel free to comment my work, don't spare me! Shoot pls! Blushing  Party 

Theese are concepts with wip for my new character  in colaboration with my genius brother (*his imagination).Never finished...but want to finally finish....Help!


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Carbonmade portfolio


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