International Self Portrait Day 2015
Happy Self-Portrait day everyone!  Party

This is my first ever SP and hopefully not my last! 
No color yet because I'm of the scrub variety.
(This looked better at an earlier stage, then I think I just made a mess of it when I added the eyes and rounded the forms out) 
edit: I decided to re-crop it after work because I didn't like how it was laid out. 

@smrr, Holy crap that's an amazing self-portrait! I love how its so loose in some places and so effortlessly precise in others! 
p.s is that a cape? do you have art superpowers? 

@Hobitt, really cool how traditional your portrait looks, kinda like pastels. o.O

[Image: self%20portrait%207_zpshaxv5e1l.jpg]


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