Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
Hello guy and gals!
I'm Roanna and I'm a completely newbie here. This forum was recommended by my friend as a great place for growing up and for receiving some healthy critique.

Shortly about myself. I'm 25 years old ambitious aspiring artist. I would like to become a Pro and make a living from what I like to do most - art. I see myself more like freelance illustrator for books\card games\computer games, not as full-time concept designer (I suppose, it would be to stressful for me). So, my aim is pretty simple: I want to draw EVERYTHING. Lol. I mean, I want to built a strong foundation of fundamental knowledge, which will help me execute any crazy idea of my mind.

For now I have two years of deliberate (actually, not at all, whom am I trying to deceive? Meh ) practice and I got from this:

to this:


It's a pretty obvious progress, but I want more. And now I get stuck at my development. As I see what I should do next, is to practice full body drawings as I want to get rid of my "stiffness" of the posture. What is more, I'd like to learn more about how to sketch from the imagination, as now I'm not any good at it.

I've been doing life drawing sessions for a year, studying M. Hampton's book, draw people at the street, make a gesture drawings from the croquis cafe and similar resources, but I feel like I'm loosing something important... something obvious...

It would be great if anyone shares with me some good ideas. If you'd like to see more examples of what I'm doing now or was doing earlier, I'll post them here.

Cheers and may inspiration be with you! <3

Sketchbook (^_^)
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