Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
Fedodika:  Hi and thanks a lot for your thoughts and for the suggestion about Proko, I'll take a loot at his hand videos. (^_^)
Also I should disagree about "drawing bridgeman from memory" and actually not only Bridgeman. You see, recently I came up with the idea that memorizing someone's stylistic choices isn't a very good idea for the studying art. Yes, sure you should memorize basic proportions, bone structure, muscle shapes and how they affect the surface form while body is in motion. But you shouldn't try to learn by heart some simplification or designs of human body, unless, of course, you adore this kind of style, but even in this case there are several problems:
1. If you memorize, you may end up being a dull copy of the original master\teacher.
2. Simplification is just a different artist's approach for the problem of representing human body. And as any kind of problem it needs to be UNDERSTOOD, memorizing a solution isn't a healthy approach.
So I'd rather talk to myself and ask "why he did what he did" and only if I like the result I'll try to use this element (or approach) in my future sketches and works.
Quote:10xp from noticing what you dont know between your drawing and the reference
It's a very good point. That's why we always need some personal projects, working on which would help us to discover out weakest sides.

Eraiasu: Hello and thanks for replying. (^_^) Could you please explain more you very first paragraph? Cause I'm not sure if I understood invaluable thought you tried to tell me. What do you mean "practicing drawing and painting at the same time"? During painting the hands I set a timer for like 25-30 minutes, cause I noticed a bad habit of overdoing things, especially those I don't understand. This habit came from my environment, where artist just trying again and again and again without analyzing the mistakes. So my intention was to get right the colors, general proportion, movement and shapes of colors according to planes of the hand. 
Oh, and I agree about Bridgeman, I like his boxy simplification - it's easier for understanding light patterns.

Sketchbook (^_^)
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