Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
Interesting, I was compiling photos in the photoshop together, so that the post looks nicer but they didn't attach. So, unfortunately, I'll again spam with a loooong scrolling post. Yea, I'm a lazy ass... Th_095_
So, here are a bunch of gesture drawings of hands, cause I found that I "don't feel" it, I don't feel when I should use relazed curves vs tension ones, where I could exaggerate forms and movement, whether the hand is young\old, male\female and there is no any design, any live and rhythm in my drawings. I know that thousands of gesture drawings once helped me with that, so I decided to incorporate this approach into my anatomy studies of a hand. On top of it, I'm planning to study the whole arm in general, any advice? Should I trace some photos for the beginning?

Here are some drawing some from observation: museum, cafe and figure drawing evening, where I was trying to incorporate my updated hand knowledge, buuut meeeeeeeeh it's not so easy and successful, I'm happy with 4\14, which is a pretty low percentage so far... 072

A bit of more serious hand studies.

And just a portrait for fun from the 100headschallenge (or something like that) board on pinterest.


Sketchbook (^_^)
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