Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
(03-15-2019, 09:49 PM)Fedodika Wrote: I think youd grow fast if you did a piece outside your comfort zone, then just used reference and studies to make the piece better and better, i know doing lots of sketches is fun,  but youll really find all the holes and patch them up quicker doing a longer applied effort ;P

I totally agree with your point, as you may notice all my fuss about hands started from the personal work I did (screaming woman surrounded by fire Up Above), where I got to the point when I couldn't finish the piece because of damn hands and cloth. And even if I could only suggest the form of drapery without any details and rendering (and I'm planning to do so), hands, on the other hand, are vital for my storytelling.
The problem lies within my working process and thinking, almost every "personal" work I do have some challenges for me, which I'm trying to resolve, but it usually takes me up to 1-6 month and obviously I rarely finish my digital art, because after the 6 month I simply don't like it. As a result, during "the study phase" I usually grind drawing from books and because it is extremely boring, I entertain myself by sketching, cause I feel myself like not being ready\cool enough for making big or "real" stuff, or for returning again to digital, fear of failure and sudden emptiness of mind (aka when someone ask you to me something and you are sweating upon white piece of paper) paralyze me for month and make no painting at all.  4519626a

Sketchbook (^_^)
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