Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
(04-24-2019, 02:15 AM)Baldgate Wrote: Hey,

Nice work, and nice brushstroke on the guys wit the long hair. I'm curious to see how he ll look once finished.

Thank you, Baldgate for your immense reply. Don't be sweet to me, I've a lot problems with the anatomy, I've started to dig deep into it only half a year ago and it's only first iteration and I haven't covered everything yet. 
As to my 2D look of figure I'm totally agree with you, and this bothers me a lot. When I eas talking that I'd like to create figures from imagination they don't supposed to be with complex\full anatomy. Have you ever see the Andrew Loomis skellies?
[Image: 26a5c5e9b99cee3dd8a9f656509efdf7.jpg]
They are so simple yet so alive! From imagination I can't draw "full-of-life" action figures  even like this, stiff ones? - EZPZ. And also definitely all of my figures are flat, they DO lack of three-dimentionality, but I have no idea, how to change this.
Year ago I started to grind Watts portrait phase and a bit of figure, I've tried to do all the memorization exercises, but that approach led me into heavy depression, cause I felt like I didn't become better with "seeing" or "feeling" 3D, instead I was just memorizing outlines.
And till now I'm freaked out by Fedo suggestion about memorizing.
For example, I can't get how short forshortened hand should be, or how twist\bend is working at particular figure because of excessive anatomy exaggeration. It seems to me that before I begin to study from Watts Hangouts with simple Hampton's approach to body through the boxes I was more confident about action within the figure.

And my attempt to same pose from the photo. I decided not to draw abs, because they are confusing to me, except this fact any another unfinished areas came from my tiredness. My three drawings of one photo look different, even the pose feels differently.

Sketchbook (^_^)
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