Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
Baldgate thank you for your suggestions. I'll try doing memory exercises of anatomy parts and I'm thinking to do this with croquis cafe videos. Which mannequin simplification is best to you? Hogarth is not "mine" approach in many ways. Also Bridgman look nice for me, but I have a paper book and flat table = it's very inconvenient to study from.

Also the great source of my envy to another artists is their ability to work hard decent amount of time, I can work for 2 hours only until I'm completely physically and mentally exhausted. And there is not much I can do withing this time. So for today are my croquis cafe drawings. Obviously, some of them where not drawn for even 5 minutes. I was trying to apply everything I've learn recently: rhythms, mannequins, some anatomy and was trying to thinking about perspective, "T" overlapping, points insertion.
I'm planning after a break to have another drawing session and to try drawing these poses from memory, as well as Watts' mannequin from yesterday.
PS oh, noticed that I have troubles with feeling the volume of the ribcage. In most cases I place shoulders on it wrong. 053

Sketchbook (^_^)
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