Alex Zelenski's Sketchbook of [insert something witty]
Hey guys, Im new here - wanting to get on the track of becoming a professional concept artist/illustrator :). Im 17 approaching my senior year in high school. Here you will find some of my work - feel free to crit, paint over, rework. Anything you feel would help me as an artist

[Image: monitor_creature_by_eagleacz-d56n5v0.jpg]
Some sort of monitor creature with a console attached tto its lower section and a lighted information console in front of it.

[Image: nemesis___umbrella__s_greatest_by_eagleacz-d55kf9q.jpg]

[Image: the_simple_life_by_eagleacz-d4y4ioe.jpg]

[Image: the_idol___colored_version_by_eagleacz-d4vcye9.jpg]

[Image: 753197333bf643509cf98efa409ccb08-d4us1jf.jpg]

[Image: call_of_duty_g36c_by_eagleacz-d54qid6.jpg]
Tightened up the linework and rendered a little better on the monitor concept in my first post. I need more sketches. Why is it so hard to push myself to sketch?

[Image: monitor_creature_2_by_eagleacz-d56qxc7.jpg]
[Image: bunny_practice_by_eagleacz-d56s2di.jpg]
[Image: bunny_practice_2_by_eagleacz-d56s2hr.jpg]

90 day life improvement . Among other things, filling two pages of my sketchbook everyday for 90 days. todays topic - rabits. xD
[Image: backs_haha_by_eagleacz-d56wilt.jpg]

Getting sketches in for today :).
[Image: 34788af24ad80e05f8f7031cf3d0b702-d57ndnq.jpg]

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