zweiDee Sketchbook
Hey Daggers,

Im an Artist from Zurich and Im sure I learn here a lot from you Crimson Daggers! This community it's a great inspiration and motivation for me. You will find here study's, sketches and more...


- warm up study's / ref: foto's...

[Image: 6754959403_1d0cc6676f_b.jpg]

[Image: 6754959271_299f9d2962_b.jpg]

warm up thumb'n'nailz

like the first one, I think I do something more with that...

[Image: 6759430061_b481ff45be_b.jpg]

Great thumbs and studies, really looking forward to see more your stuff ;)

Just a rly quick silhouette sketch at lunch time. I don't will spend tu much time at the moment. have to work more on the bloodsport...

[Image: 6765670813_39b8fe60ae_b.jpg]

Lookin good. The thumbnails have a lot of movement too them. Makes the environment feel alive (in a good way)
that hand looks purdy!

My entry for this month Gnomon Challenge.

"This month's theme: Apocalypse ZS (Zombie Safe) Transport.
i.e. a vehicle that you would feel safe in traveling the wasteland of the future..."

So here is my Chuck Transporter. I spend no a lot time. Crimson Dagger and study stuff is currently more important to me. But I had this Chuck Idea and the idea to paint this in an oldschool looking pixel game illustration or something... I mean, no zombie would fu** with chuck! ^_^

[Image: 6785054489_635f528d76_b.jpg]

Those thumbs are great, nice textures.
oh jesus, not another chuck norris monster truck firing nostril missiles... haha. the thumbs look neat and so do your studies! stay busy ^^


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