Great idea, Dennis. Is there a way to save full description in a file or something?

I'll try to figure something out.
This is brilliant! Good job!
I'd be VERY grateful if enyone posted descriptions and possibly some examples (photos/sketches) of some phisical traits (like Almond eyes and such). Being not a native english speaker makes it a pain because I do not know most of the meanings. I googled some but I'm not very satisfied with results (some are just contradicting each other).

Hmm, those features are confusing? If they are, I might have to rename them or just get rid of them altogether.

Here are a couple I found really quickly on google:


Thanks Dennis, I think it's just a translation issue, since I can't translate most of them directly to my language. I'll just have to study those descriptions. I think names of those features are fundamental for native english speakers so there shouldn't be much of a problem.

Added "Save Character" at the bottom of the character generator. You can now copy the text of the character created. You can also save a copy of the url after clicking save character.
way to cool, now i have no excuses when i cant think of something to draw
this is incredible
Ooooh, sweet BenjahTD! Also, there is no right or wrong, you can take it any way you want. You can even decide to Omit some of the traits if you want.

Btw, do you guys think I should move all these comments to a different area, so that there is only character art in here? The first person to say either yes or no is probably what will happen.
Moving is probably a good idea - one thread for entries and one thread for comments should do well IMO.

Post Comments/Suggestions in this topic regarding the Random Character Generator and post your characters over at this -->LINK
I wonder if we can ever get a downloadable version, say, for mobile poatforms, to generate characters when on the go or without internet access?

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