Will Warburton's sketchbook
smrr - Sorry for the late reply, its been so long I cant even remember a lot of what was said in the past few months lol :s So much has been going on.
But thanks for your reply and i'm glad my random ramblings were of some help. And don't worry, I think your better at articulating your thoughts than you think :p I think we all feel like that to be honest.
I'm glad you like the creatures, they're a lot of fun to draw and paint. I'm keep an eye on my edges and colours, thanks for the heads up ;) I'll get those links to you in your sketchbook but what I might do is re-edit my first page here in this sketchbook and leave all the links as I come by them as a sort of library so more to come in the future hopefully ;D

Fedodika - Thanks man, I'm glad you think so. Ill be sure to do just that when it does, I want to make the money making/ business side of this much more obvious and transparent.

lurch - Thanks mate, I'm glad you think so. The trick is consistency. Just keep chipping away at that wall, like in shawshank redemption and eventually you'll have a big ass tunnel without even realising how you did it or got so far. Then a pissed off warden will throw a stone at a poster of a pin up chick and it'll echo down your tunnel and they'll all be amazed at what you've achieved :)

Lyraina - Hey Lyraina! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this and drop this tutorial in my sketchbook. You basically embody the whole reason why the crimson daggers are so cool and it means a lot. Especially coming from a colour boss like yourself.
Your right about the still lifes, though ive been terrible and not done so many the past couple of months (insert guilty face and feelings here). Ive not actually been doing many studies at all part from practicing design with my creatures and quick studies with longer pieces.
I'm really sorry for the late reply and thanks again for your help :)

So its been a long time again since I updated -_- Ive been telling myself to keep updating but then realise how much time it would take and put it off, only making it worse with the more stuff I have to post :p
Though as always life has been on fast forward and loads of stuff is happening, both mentally and physically. I know ive kinda talked about this before but I think I have a better grasp on the situation now. I feel like my mind is evolving and changing. That my 'warrior' stage in life where I grind all day, sleep none, and just rebel against everything to do what I want is fading, and being replaced by a more grounded and balanced person. I want to serve and contribute to people and the art doesn't seem to be about myself so much anymore. I think that's been part of the struggle in my own brain, because I just saw this as something 'I' want to do, and not how can this effect other people. And because it was pretty much just for me and for others who do the same, i've not been able to see the value that it can bring to other people, which is foolish.
I've been spending a lot more time on my health and in the gym which has meant I've gained some good weight and increased my self confidence by 200% lol.
What's also pretty crazy, and I kinda feel like I shouldn't be sharing this but all being well i'm going to be a Dad by next Summer, which has completely warped my mind.
I'm kinda rambling again, but I forgot how good being able to catalogue this stuff from my brain into this place feels. Like sorting out a cluttered filing cabinet. I'm changing as a person, i'm learning about where my TRUE fears are and making maps to tread new paths, perhaps unwalked by any before. Like for instance the freelance thing, I still hear about artists scraping a living from cheap freelance jobs. For many artist this is great because it means they can paint for a living doing what they love. But this isn't my future, i'll never be doing cheap freelance gigs for 'reputation'. I'm going to find alternative incomes on my own grounds. (When these present themselves, which they will i'll be sharing them all here.)
I think that's it for the time being lol, just needed to get that out. The art hasn't stopped by any means and I'm sorry if any of that sounded pretentious. I'll be back again soon <3

art dump
some studies


This one was fun. dark souls inspired dude. The king

The queen

and here's some thumbnails ive been working on for a new piece

And wip 1 of new piece, going to share the whole process with this one <3

Hey will, congrats on being a dad! (I guess hehe...)

I really like your recent work, it was fun to look at, and has a nice finish to it... If i could give any critique, it'd maybe to make a dynamic scene with your creatures in interesting poses, i think you're ready to kick butt!

Cheers man, hope good things come your way in 2016

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
duude congrats! :D i cant even imagine how you are feeling right now, but i wish you all the best in the coming year. And so glad that things are getting brighter and brighter for you.
Gotta agree with Fedo, you are already pretty good with textures, values, colors, etc... the next step is to jump into more daring, dynamical stuff. (The applications of 3d in that regard are huge btw!)

hi dude i like your creatures! i am quite a fan of monsters in general haha
i want to say tho that your values are sometimes too...exaggerated. You tend to look for the contrast and go for super dark blacks (that's a problem i have too...), maybe you overuse blending modes...


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