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Ivan Ći's sketchbook
Those last two are just great...also the rest do

It's been busy, trying to get the freelance going
here, just to keep things rollin

The one who finds me a Feng ripoff gets a cookie.

This thing I set up I'll finish tomorrow, wasted atm cant see shit

another sketch form 2 days ago
I'll flash out

You got inspired by Feng Zhu new video too, huh?

Great sketches.
I really like the night scene with the fire.

(10-05-2012, 12:46 PM)midknight523 Wrote: You got inspired by Feng Zhu new video too, huh?
Not inspired, I completely ripped him off, since I don't have a clue about sci fi/vehicle design. Silhouette is as same as his and the linework is mine, done immediately after watching the tutorial.Helped a lot. And yeah, by the way - you got yourself a cookie, here [Image: cookie.gif] you've earned it.

@ Warre: Cheers!

Dragon warrior chick shitty sketch. Done from dark to light, and looks like she is made of cardboard, I'll scrap this & move on to heavy armor studies

Finished this one, it represents a cheerful vampire larp party, client's orders

A lot of unpredictable things happened these days, couldn't follow up right away, but the mood is still there, so here we are

i dont think your dragon warrior chick study is shitty, with more work it could be cool.
Also Spacemarines!
(I would pay to see those bad guys unleashing armageddon on Avatar :D)

Tnx, Ed, but I don't feel I can do anything to her right now, gotta figure out that plate.

by the way, I got this wacky idea a few hours ago at the count of 100 votes I'm gonna do a full illustration where the winning side will kick ass of the defeated :D so don't be shy to vote for your favorite ;) Ed's 'Avatar armageddon' triggered the spark hehe

wanted to wrap up for today when this came out

pretty good for a no-brainer considering my current skill level, I'd like to take it further, but now I'm REALLY wasted.

You should lower the opacity of the planet of your vampire party.

Same as EduardoGaray, your Dragon Warrior could be cool !

Your last sketch is pretty good, take it further !

Blocked in the color rough, there are still some placement issues I'll have to work on, but here is the direction in which I am taking her

P.S. Looks like there will be an elven slaughterhouse :O

nice! this composition has potential, i´m looking forward to see how you finish it.
Also, it would be really cool to see the spacemarines against some hippy pacifist, elves xD

haha things are not looking good for the poor fragile elves atm

some progress

hey keep up the good work man I see a ton of progress. I jumped a little inside on the last page as i scrolled down it and the ugly hag from legend popped out at me! lol wasnt expecting it haha

*He who says he can and he who says he cant are usually both correct*
nice progress, what do you plan to do with the background?

heh sry Dave and tnx for the kind words
tnx Ed, at the moment I'm thinking only about how to nail that character and take it as far as I can with my current skill level. Like moving features around, correcting mistakes,etc.. This character came from a scribble, so I don't have anything planned...I don't even know what the hell is she holding in her hand yet, but what I DO know is that it emits light :P
nuff chattin lets get to business

it has a much better read from left to right

Some shit sketches, can't draw anything properly these days. This first knight is a sketch done by a good friend Urosh, I just showed him how he can light it. That dk is old

Hey Ivan i did a quick paint over of your painting.. You have a wonderful image here.. I used some of the complementary colors and i pushed the contrast a little bit.. I hope this helps.. I've also pushed her flesh tones... I will be much more active in the community now because I'm out of my little funk.. LOvey sketchbook keep up the good work...

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Lots of cool updates dude, and this recent piece which M-rahsart helped with has lots of potential.


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