Bag's sketchbook
Hi guys, Im called Bag and im struggling hard to get better at this. My professional goal is to work as an freelance illustrator, though my main goal is just being able to draw and paint what ever i want, i just love doing it.. but a man's gotta eat sooo..

Critique is very appreciated. At the moment im particularily trying to focus on my gestures, composition, character design and rendering. Any critiques, tips, help in those specific areas are much welcomed.

I'll start of with a dump of semi old stuff "finished recently" and some pretty new.

[Image: genericarcherinforest2.jpg]

[Image: MARINEbigger.jpg]

[Image: nimmu_color1.jpg]

[Image: superlowres_test01_knightv2.jpg]

[Image: gafgarsskitenvironment.jpg]

[Image: 80sdude_2012_v2.jpg]

[Image: environment_compo_practice_0004.jpg]

[Image: environment_compo_practice_0005.jpg]

[Image: environment_compo_practice_0006.jpg]

[Image: lastlight_toohappy_shelloflight.jpg]

[Image: lootthatcity.jpg]

[Image: olddesertruin.jpg]

[Image: scifidudes01.jpg]

[Image: warmupmarine1.jpg]

[Image: wintermech.jpg]

[Image: mechgarage.jpg]

If you are interested in seeing older stuff, head over to my Da, blog or CGhub gallery :)

Cool stuff, I think you could help the mood of your paintings by using shadow and light more in some of your pieces, keep working hard and posting your progress :).

JonHop: Thanks! getting them nice and interesting light / shadow shapes are pretty hard, just gotta work at it :D


Here's two new ones :)

[Image: wastelandwanderasleep.jpg]

[Image: dragonfightmadlovebro.jpg]

Im basically trying to learn about subjects that will be featured extensively in some future paintings of mine. Will probably post thumbnails on them soon :)

So here's some studies on knights, lizards and skeletons. And some quick dragons thrown in the mix.

[Image: knightarmorstudies_01.jpg]

[Image: knightarmorstudies_02.jpg]

[Image: reptile_dragon_studies.jpg]

[Image: skeletonstudies.jpg]

Nice stuff Bag. Really cool concepts. You should take some of your paintings further, they can be a really cool portfolio piece

really nice skeleton studies, even The Skeleton King would be impressed, hoho haha! xD
Beautiful digital sketches/studies!
Your line is beautiful, and your personal work is already really good. I think that your paintings could use more brave colors, as well as more careful value distribution so you can push your points of interest. You have the talent,man, keep it up :)

Wow, really nice start for your sketchbook, and the last update with hundreds of little sketches is awesome, keep it up!

"Bumpa den fö fan!" Keep grinding Bag, keep grinding. Wanna see them thumbs of the illustrations soon!

woahh, hey guys! It's been a while, bit too long if you ask me tbh... anyway, here's a quite huge dump of art. Hope you enjoy :D

Adzerak: hehe, fö fan! thanks, shit kinda ran out in the sand but it's cool, it's cool!

Isra-ac: Thanks dude! hope for a good continuation now :)

iCi: thanks man, we all have our struggles! Hopefully something I can fix in the coming months :)

Dennis Kutsenko: Thanks dude! :)

Sirobe: hahaaa the skeleton kingggg!

Jamesxwu: I hear that, going to try to push stuff further and further, thanks!

[Image: barbs04_2.png]

[Image: gnolls2_small.jpg]

[Image: gnolls_ranged_25.jpg]

[Image: phantasm01.jpg]

[Image: randombarb2.jpg]

[Image: BANDIT_exploration_01.jpg]

[Image: SIEGE.jpg]

[Image: desert.jpg]

[Image: magician01.jpg]

[Image: environmentthumbnails_01.jpg]

[Image: characters_003.jpg]

[Image: characters_006.jpg]

[Image: darkwarrior.jpg]

[Image: fortress_start_arena_cell_02.jpg]

[Image: invocator2_quickdepthmod.jpg]

[Image: mountainpass_rev2_lowres_edit.jpg]

[Image: randomwarrior1.jpg]

[Image: characters_002.jpg]

[Image: characters_001.jpg]

[Image: Fortress_random_desert_dungeon01_qdm.jpg]

[Image: fortress_human_assassin_001.jpg]

[Image: fortress_human_warrior02.jpg]

[Image: fortress_magician_01.jpg]

Goddaaaaaamn i suck at updating this... Hopefully ill get better at it lol.

[Image: 6amcyberpunks01.jpg]

[Image: profilepic01.jpg]

[Image: cyberpunk_swordunit01.jpg]

[Image: cyberpunker3.jpg]

[Image: 3rdfeb_2013_foreshorteningfocus.jpg]

[Image: 2ndfeb_2013_randomsketching.jpg]

[Image: dwurf01.jpg]

[Image: grayknight1.jpg]

[Image: 1hwratihguy1.jpg]

[Image: 1hmonsterguy.jpg]

[Image: 2faces.jpg]

Cool sketches !)

Oh whoa, still on the 1st page a lot of awesome stuff!
Welcome man, loving the sketches, very nice light on those colored pieces! Love your lines.

Keep it up, Ill be watching!

Nikt: Thanks man! :)

Sula: Thank you :) You keep up the good work too!

Here's my daily drawing for today. Forgot my real one in school so gonna post it tomorrow! :)

[Image: 4thfeb_2013_fantasyaliens.jpg]

this one is basically "A commoner sighted a strange object in the sky... quickly the local wizards were called in to investigate."

(spoiler alert; its aliens)

Love it!!! really inspiring :)

Silverkeeper: Thanks alot mate :)

Today's daily draw. Started this one the spend most of the day doing form studies, so now i see 5 million form mistakes in it hahaaa, better luck next time. Atleast i know i learned something today hehe ;)

[Image: 5thfeb_2013_scificity.jpg]

crazy good sketchbook, i´m in love with your sci fi concepts.
And would like to see something more finished too.
Please keep this updated :)

wow i need to come to this sketchbook more often, nice work !
Holy balls, I love your work -- can't wait for more updates!

What motivates you?


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