What is the Creature Generator? Basically, it's just a list of different values that make up a creature. When you click "Randomize Everything" all the values in each category gets randomly selected to create a creature. Also, the question mark button on the side of each value randomly generates only for that value when you click it. Play around with it and see what this creature generator can do.

Step 1: Click "Randomize Everything!"
Step 2: Find a creature that's interesting
Step 3: Use your imagination and visualize the creature before you start drawing
Step 4: Click "Save Creature" to copy the text
Step 5: Grab any needed reference
Step 6: Draw/Paint it and don't worry about getting 100% of all the details
Step 7: Post it in here


Creature Generator

Type Value Rnd
Creature Archetype
Courtship Display
Physical Traits
Body Shape


OK i'll bite..based on the funniest little critter i've ever had the pleasure of googling.
the axolot.

Quick Sketchy of a creature, practising the whole creature design thing...

Creature Archetype:
Role- Predator
Sex- Male
Classification- Mammal Type
Characteristics- Increased Speed
Habitat- Terrestrial
Courtship Display- Dominance
Element/Color- Earth/Brown
Activity- Agressive

Physical Traits:
Body Shape- Long
Height- 5ft- Small
Eyes- Two

[Image: 26-9-12-9.jpg]

I wonder why there are only 2 posts :O
Here's mine:
Creature Archetype:
Role- Prey
Sex- Male
Classification- Amphibian Type
Characteristics- Increased Lung Capacity
Habitat- Aquatic/Terrestrial
Courtship Display- Special Call
Element/Color- Earth/Brown
Activity- Eating

Physical Traits:
Body Shape- Sharp
Height- 5ft- Small
Eyes- Many

[Image: 6K1U7.jpg]

Im so glad i discovered this forum, now to get myself comfortable....

I got flat insect, human size, markings, green colors, underwater (i lost generated data :( )

but the creature is here...

[Image: Vodenbubacopy_zps7e261c7d.jpg]
Avian, parasite, human sized, bulky/wide, blue, one eyed.

[Image: AVIANMORPH.jpg]
upload foto
Character Generation

[Image: 1010252_146405692220551_1693584035_n.jpg]

Creature Generation

[Image: 1012180_146929042168216_229634022_n.jpg]
Made a quick concept sketch for a creature. The things on his back are not actually wings, but an strengthened carapace to protect itself.

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tryin a quick creature out D:

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Sketchbook ▲  Website ▲ TwitterArtStation ▲ Twitch ▲

I'm writing a fantasy book that I would eventually like to publish, and I was wondering if any of you folks would be against me using your amazing creatures in the story. I would credit you for your illustration and put your creatures in the book as pets or as evil Fae (the "bad guys").
I used the lynx as a reference. Tongue
Creature Archetype:
Role- Predator
Sex- Male
Classification- Mammal Type
Characteristics- Increased Night Vision
Habitat- Subterranean
Courtship Display- Movement
Element/Color- Dark/Black
Activity- Agressive

Physical Traits:
Body Shape- Long
Height- 9ft+ Large
Eyes- Three

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So I joined this forum just to reply to this because it looked like so much fun!

I thought I would try and challenge myself a bit more, and did the whole thing in Paint (New version)
I think I had some pretty good luck with this. It's not like there's any anatomy you could mess up.

Role- Predator
Sex- Female
Classification- Arthropod Type
Characteristics- Increased Hearing
Habitat- Air
Courtship Display- Posture
Element/Color- Light/White
Activity- Courting

Physical Traits:
Body Shape- Long
Height- 6-8ft Human Size
Eyes- Two

Behold, the great sky caterpillars in the act of mating. They're able to float using their tentacle-like legs. which also function as super sensitive ears, being able to sense the slightest vibrations in the air, and, like jellyfish tentacles, are used to paralyze prey. you can tell which one the female is by the fact that it has swirly hair.

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Project / Sketches / Paintings
Ahh- I was just browsing for generators today, and hoo boy- 

This was such an interesting one :'')) I really don't draw animals much, so this was a bit difficult. Luckily, my knowledge of animals saved me a bit, though not by much!

Creature Archetype:
Role- Prey {Failed this one I believe :'')))}
Sex- Female {I think I scraped by this one lmao-}
Classification- Reptile Type {I based this off the giant salamander, which if I remember correctly, is basically a ball of slime xD}
Characteristics- Increased Hearing {Definitely failed this one- Was thinking of doing catfish whiskers, but I forgot about it in the sketch--}
Habitat- Aquatic {Hey, I at least did this one right :'D}
Courtship Display- Posture {I like to think this lil guy/gal would do a dance of sorts in the water, twisting in on itself and curling around the environment---}
Element/Color- Earth/Brown {I made it a very sandy/tan brown, so I think I made it? xD}
Activity- Agressive {Ahhh, curse my nonexistent ability to make emotions :'''''))) I think I made it clear that it was whipping around, with the sand all around in the water and whatnot, but if it isn't easy to see... I failed, again :''DD}

Physical Traits:
Body Shape- Long (I think I made it more oval than long, but I generally draw demonic creatures, or humans so I kind of suck at anything beyond that xD}
Height- 5ft- Small {I don't think I expressed it's size very good, dang it! :'') }
Eyes- One {This was an obvious, and very easy!- one, and luckily I didn't mess it up xD}

I love this generator, and I'll be adding more creatures soon :''')))

Still teaching myself to draw. Classic newbie mistake lmao-

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