Foxflake's sketchbook
So, to get this sketchbook started, here are some studies from last month. Mostly done following Wolkenfels' speedpainting studygroup, and some extra : )
These were all focusing on materials/ fabrics and folds.

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The jacket of the second painting, the one with the guns, is very well done.
Then again there al well done.

@Warre Thanks a lot man! The jacket-with-guns piece is actually one of the later ones; I felt a lot more comfortable with painting leather by then.

Here is a still-life from life (and from last month):

[Image: d55618da.jpg]

And some stuff from my real sketchbook (you know, paper...), containing some anatomy and gesture drawings (and some bikes and cats):

[Image: daf0fe3b.jpg]

[Image: cf99b261.jpg]

[Image: 5fd8ea80.jpg]

[Image: 5c53c742.jpg]

[Image: e61e2b3a.jpg]

[Image: 8beb22d6.jpg]

At the moment I'm also trying to get some better feeling for colour/ mood/ appeal. This is since I've been doing quite much pencil/pen stuff and as a result I'm kinda behind with the colour in my paintings.
So I'm not only doing more digital (coloured) studies now, but also do some more original "studies", that are focused on colour. I try to concentrate more on general colour/ value and compostion on these, so they're probably not so nicely rendered. If you're wondering about the strange topics, I'm grabbing the word-of-the-day of some online-dictionary; so I have do some (more or less) creative interpretation of it.
I'm also using them to do some experiments with new brushes/ techniques etc, because I recently recognized I'm not really knowing to much of the possibilities of digital painting...(yeah, and I know that's it's not all about brushes.)

So, sorry for blabbering; here are the studies so far, some of them with accompanying sketches:

[Image: f92154a5.jpg]

[Image: cd27b62f.jpg]

[Image: 0b7aee3b.jpg]

[Image: 947a1f20.jpg]

[Image: dab2f596.jpg]

[Image: a4c7c639.jpg]

[Image: db0f13be.jpg]

So, that's it for now. Any recommendations for improvement are highly welcome!

Cool sketchbook! love the still life and the material paintings :) keep on posting :3
Love the bird sketches :D
welcome dude

Thank you all for your comments!

Well, I underestimated how much time it takes to post all the stuff. So if I had some time I decided to paint instead :). But now I should be finally updating this sketchbook with the stuff from the last without any further talking, here they are:

(rest of) SEPTEMBER:


Obviously studying hands...

And than some gestures and other things, all except the last being drawn from life:

Studies done for the speedpainting challenges group on dA:

And some tries on colour again:

Then some on value and composition (or at least they were meant to be):

Aaaand some strange boat-thing that I don't know why my mind produced it: hopefully I'll get done some more this month :)

To keep this a little more up to date, I'm gonna post some more of this month so far:

Really digging your studies, especially the fabrics, the trees and that golden duck ;) The simple b/w composition studies are something I'll have to try out aswell, they look fun. Keep updating!

Wow, the material/fabric/armor studies are excellent and the environment studies along with the anatomy studies you're doing are all awesome. Look forward to seeing more in the future :D. Keep the studies coming :D!
I like your trees, most the snowy evergreen. Your material studies are awesome.
@ lungcell, Majinpower thanks a lot!
@ Annamoon thanks as well, and I actually enjoyed painting the evergreen most :D

So, here you go, some more stuff from december:

And some from the new year:
from imagination

and then some movie studies:

some brush control exersises from Ctrl+Paint, just because

one more speedpaint study:

and at last some sketches done during the conepteez sketchathon this sunday:

Listened to brent's first mentoring lesson yesterday and painted these while doing so.

And though they didn't out as nicely, it felt extremely good to just do some rough sketches, and I had lots of fun with it.
And since by then I was in the mood for sketching, I just continued with this one:

some recent stuff...

...pretty ashamed of that thing that wants to be a plane, have to study some aircrafts I guess :)

Nice work man, loving the recent stuff and thanks for dropping by in Sketchathon. There is one on tomorrow. I hope to see you there. Loving the market stall piece from your last post.

Live everyday like its your last one.
@gds thanks a lot! The Sketchathons are just a great thing :)

And here we go again, some drawings:

And some studies:

great sketchbook - keep going!

@Wolken: Thanks man!

Aaargh, long time of kept me really busy with exams, and I still have to write some theses, so that will probably last one or two weeks. Still I have at least some paper-sketches to share (some obviously referenced, some obviously not), and hopefully I will finish some large-scale studies I started and that I'll be able to post later on.

Here they are, the studies I spoke about. 50 hands and 50 feet for a challenge over at dA, all from reference. The feet are still way worse than the hands, imo, I guess I'll need to come back to those.


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