Suzanne Helmigh sketchesss awwriight
Hi guys.
Most of you guys know me already from the Crimson Daggers skype chat, some others from facebook and maybe some from my livestream conversations.

I'll be posting some work in progress pieces here and I'd love to hear your feedback.

Thunder birding
[Image: rz0cc.jpg]

Fantasy bunch
[Image: qKqew.jpg]

Lemme know what you guys think ^^
Woooooo Suus! <3 :}

Hey and welcome!

I like your ideas. I think you'd benefit from using the lasso tool to keep your edges clean :) You seem to have a solid understanding of form in the second one. Good show!
thank you for the kind comment ! your work is wonderful and thank you for the helpful streams !
Hey, welcome to the forumz ;3 good stuff for good start

Start out sketch.

Sketch now:
[Image: muhlT.jpg]

What do you guys think?

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
bitchin' !
keep'em comin suz, these are great to look at aside from the finished stuff

Thanks Sickbrush, Ramalooke, JerryActric, DanilleG, Kidult and Laura_H. ^^
Here is the next outcome of my livestream doodle.
I wnat to give it a typical magic the gathering card name..
Any ideas?
I was thinking somewhere along the lines..
Curse of Affection.
Possession of the heart.
Stuff like that.

[Image: wmekO.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
It's done ^^
[Image: IPHuj.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
I would have seen the moon smaller and without the splatter on the right.
I don't understand what are those shadows on the arm and claws of the monster.

But the purple and the yellow are well balanced.
(09-14-2012, 06:53 AM)Fincks Wrote: I would have seen the moon smaller and without the splatter on the right.
I don't understand what are those shadows on the arm and claws of the monster.

But the purple and the yellow are well balanced.

The big moon adds up to the fantasy level.
the lighting comes from a window.. such as on the side and background.
^^ That's also why the "splatter" si there, because its light fragments caused by the lighting and dampy atmosphere. (you know when light hits dust/ wett air.)

Thaks for the crit though.. I guess with a different composition which would have shown part of this window would make the light source more credible

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
This is a collab with nianto
Orginal can be found here:
And this is how it turned out after some of my work. Now she's got it and I'm looking forward too her contribution ^^
[Image: 7hF7v.jpg]

And here is something I've been working on while streaming.
I know his neck needs some more shading etc.. work in progress ^^
[Image: 4f5Lj.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
you have some nice work here i like your lighting and experimentations very nice

Sacrifice <-> Success
here's a new sketch

This is one monstrous carrot..
[Image: lPs95.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
Great one.. i didn't plan on sleeping anyway.
Finished work is looking great!

Thanks Lumens ^^
Here is some more work in progress :)

Trustworthy Goblins....
[Image: Znzrz.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
Killing it Suus! <3

Those goblins are awesome.

Haven't been updating this sketchbook for a while now XD
So here comes a motherload.

[Image: gimli_by_suzanne_helmigh-d57x9lq.jpg]

[Image: saruman__by_suzanne_helmigh-d5juacv.jpg]

[Image: treebeard_by_suzanne_helmigh-d57k4hy.jpg]

[Image: cesare_bleekeye__by_suzanne_helmigh-d5l087a.jpg]

[Image: painting_a_portrait__explanation_include...5o67r8.jpg]

Find a bigger version of that steps image here:

Here is the Borus portrait explained in steps.

1. Linesketch, try to find the essence of the character in this phase.

2. Add a layer underneath the lineart and start to bash in some starter colors.

3. Add a layer on top of the lineart and refine the features, paint away all the line art or erase the lineart.
When that is done, merge the layers of the character (not with the background!)

4. Mirror the image. This way you can spot mistakes easier.

5. Fill in the background and possible foreground. I also changed the colors here with color balance while having the character layer selected.

6. Work on the lighting and keep in mind that there is also bounce light. You can see the blue hues on the face.

7. Use your personal favorite paint technique to make colors blend, this can be done by a smooth or textured softbrush or with a etching pattern.
In this step I also added something called a Rembrandt triangle. It's the triangle highlight underneath the eye to show a more accurate depth.

8. I wasn't satisfied with the face angle. It's never to late to alter your painting for a better image, don't be afraid to start all over.
I used a photo of myself to reference the new angle of the face that was more interesting to me.

9. Refine the new look and work on some contrast.

10. This guy's skin isn't smooth, but aged, tired and damaged, working on those details really adds up to the realism.
I also enhanced the highlights to create more contrast.

Done. Go through every detail and make the areas of less interest less detailed. You can use the blur tool and sharpen tool to enhance those areas. Moving the channels in your image can give it a slight 3D effect.

[Image: borus__by_suzanne_helmigh-d5bitac.jpg]

[Image: the_artisan_by_suzanne_helmigh-d5plik3.jpg]

[Image: moonga___water_elf_warrior_by_suzanne_he...5nbzu3.jpg]

[Image: moonga__vigilant_water_elf_by_suzanne_he...5nbzuf.jpg]

[Image: choose_your_sketch___by_suzanne_helmigh-d5sl41v.jpg]

[Image: all_this_and_heaven_too__by_suzanne_helmigh-d5re12j.jpg]

[Image: falcon_by_suzanne_helmigh-d5sab3a.jpg]

[Image: material_studies__by_suzanne_helmigh-d5q2bo9.jpg]

[Image: ninae_by_suzanne_helmigh-d5shidq.jpg]

[Image: to_the_abandoned_castle__by_suzanne_helmigh-d5tk76y.jpg]

[Image: life_study__01_by_suzanne_helmigh-d5wdea4.jpg]

[Image: when_wrath_took_the_land__by_suzanne_hel...5xejsy.jpg]

[Image: not_broken_by_suzanne_helmigh-d5wrwh8.jpg]

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^

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