Hi everyone! My name is Alejandro Mirabal.

Since I'm starting to live-stream and I will do it anyway I rather make it helpful and nice for artists who are in early development.

my livestream


- Experience in character design, digital painting, creature design.
- Class name: creature design, character design, fantasy and sci-fi
- willing to take on 3 students at a time
- Indefinitely class meeting once a week on Saturdays 2 - 3 hours each.
- classes to include homework assignments, in depth paint-over and critique, discussion and analysis of work as it develops.
- classes to begin OCTOBER 5TH 2012
yeah! this is cool.
My name is Adrian, I'm from Costa Rica, I've been painting a little more than a year and I'd like you to be my mentor. ;D

this is my portfolio:
awesome. thanks for pickin up the torch! youve got tons to offer.
Hey I'm Russell, I Really want to improve in these area's, and it would be great if you'd take me on.
I don't have a proper portfolio yet, but here is my blog.


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hey alejandro, id love to join your class :) http://cghub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12205
Hey there!
Nice to meet you, i am Victoria/16 from Bulgaria.

please check out my blog > www.chakletcookie.tumblr.com
Hi Alejandro!
I would love to join your class too. :)


Hey Alejandro, i'd love to be part of the class. http://ericsmithart.cghub.com/

and thanks for doing this :D.
I'd love to be part of this : D

here's some of my work: http://jeremyg0rd0n.deviantart.com/gallery/

(09-30-2012, 05:52 AM)Dan Warren Wrote: awesome. thanks for pickin up the torch! youve got tons to offer.

Thanks Dan, I will do my best to help. And it might help me to get better myself, it will be fun.

Hi everyone. I'm happy to see that I've got replies. I took a look at all your portfolios. I want the class to start with only three students because I'm new at mentoring and I want to see how it goes. In case I think I can take one or two more of you I will post it here after the first class.

From what I've seen some of you have things figured out more than others, so I will choose who I think I can help the most. The ones that wasn't selected might get chosen later in case they haven't found any mentors.

I will mentor:

- Jeremy Gordon
- Eric Smith
- Russel Jones

Please send me a note to confirm at [email protected] if you are in, and we take it from there. The classes, paint-overs, homework reviews will be done via livestream at: livestream

Sorry for the rest of you guys, I'm sure we will have more mentors in the forum very soon.
Sad to have missed out, looking forward to watching the livestreams

damn im too late 8[

i know what you mean nimao
Jesus! How the hell did I miss this. Thanks anyways man it's a good thing you and Dan are doing and it's appreciated!

*He who says he can and he who says he cant are usually both correct*
(10-01-2012, 01:31 PM)DavidFisher Wrote: Jesus! How the hell did I miss this. Thanks anyways man it's a good thing you and Dan are doing and it's appreciated!

Thanks a lot David, I would really love to see more people mentoring so I can follow.
Alejandro! Help me get better. Teach me.....mastur :P
I already applied for Sickbrush's mentorship program, but i think applying to yours too won't hurt :)

This is my sketchbook on cd. I hope you like it.


Damned! I just realised that I will be out of town from the 5th to the 8th of october for the german digital art convention in frankfurt.
Considering the fact, that the 5th is the very first day of mentoring, I think I shouldn't be taken into consideration for the program. If there is the possibility to be chosen eventhough i will miss the very first class i would be very thankful, but I think for now I'm out of the competion.

It kinda kills me that I won't even have the chance to be chosen but .. well :) I wish the best of luck to everybody else and an amazing learning experience for the chosen three!

You're a great artist, and undoubtably a great teacher too. Good luck to you with this mentorship!

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*rubs hands*
this is gonna be awesooomee!!


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