Concept art class - "Fantastic 4"
Art began for me as something to pass the time. As I learned from it I soon saw it growing on me. Each day that passes by I push myself like never before, putting the past behind me and looking forward to the new day of tomorrow. I've never been as dedicated to creating good art as I am today, and I will never seise to stop my thirst to gain more knowledge.

That single sort of dedication you can expect from me every time you hear from me. Now I'm not going to sit here and lie, I've run into self caused slow downs. I've stopped posting because I wasn't absolutely sure I could do better than the last day. But with a dedication you will only find from someone like me I push past any negative thoughts whatsoever. There is no stopping, there is only the pursuit of what to learn next.

Now I'd like to think I know what I'm doing, that I have some sort of life long goal, but I don't. Every year, heck even every month, I've changed where I wanted to work. I've changed the type of art I was doing that day completely. But thats because I can't find a title that best suites me. I don't know of a studio that will push me to be the best me I can be. It's my fault for being so different, but I think thats why so many of us chose freelance. We don't want to be comfortable at a studio. We want to mix around and see what will do us the best good for ourselves. Characters interest me endlessly, and stylization is just incredible when done right, completely breathtaking. I want to be a professional illustrator. I've always been in awe at some of the professionals out thee. I've even been caught wishing I had their skill every now and then.

And thus I'm here, right now at 1 in the morning typing this to you, Cris. I believe you will push me to the path of becoming my best. Your syllabus describes a monstrous 4 months and yet I want to hit it head on. I've never won anything worth having, all things I have are earned through dedication and discipline. I work, I school, and I have time to post as often as I do. I am the one that will undoubtably be there everyday.

Look at my work and see if I'm worth the time. It would definitely make the end of my 1st year Deathline a very interesting one. Enough words, thanks for the consideration!

Available for Freelance - Portfolio | CD Sketchbook | Blog | Email
I have a feeling this is going to be very similar to everyone else's posts looking for the villain position. We all can relate so much with each other. I think that is what makes the daggers such a great place to be.

What do I want to get out of your mentoring? I want to get everything I can possibly absorb. I want to forget all the things that are steering me wrong in this field and learn from someone who has been in the exact same position. I want to have my ass kicked so bad I am forced to get stronger. I want to be able to see a defining moment in my own world where I got my shit together. I want to learn so much I can give back and not look like a pretentious dick.

I want to find out I can stick with something as tough as your course. That kind of thing has to come from me, but I know my drive to stick with it will be much more intense if I am failing not just myself but everyone who wants this position, in front of everyone. Failing sucks, failing in front of everyone... can't happen.

I look back and see the most improvement in my art as I transitioned from a few stages in life. Highschool, College, and finding the daggers. Each of these were periods of study where I took my understanding to a new level. Mostly because of a more intense studies. And because I didn't want to get left behind too. I feel like learning from you would help me reach the next peak. Being crazy busy for a period of time is a great way to accelerate learning anyway. And being able to take tips from a pro can only be more so.

I know the art community is small, even though the daggers seems so much bigger than it used to. I think having you kill me every day (or week or whenever you will meet) in front of other people who want this as bad as I do will be a powerful motivator. I want to be able to stick with this and say "I did that, I can anything else". When I get more commissions I want the daggers to be proud because they know they helped me along the most difficult part of this journey and they know I will do the same for anyone of them.

This sounds so much better and less Disney in my head.

To summarize, because I know a lot of this got lost in my head.
I hope To transition from a working hobbyist/student to a working professional/student/teacher some time after taking your course.
Why pick me? I am ready to say goodbye to all my friends for an new chapter and an intense focus. I know getting better takes sacrifice. I don't want to be that tool that everyone but myself sees through for the rest of my life.

My dream is to be a master of narrative based art and design. Sounds a bit silly and unachievable, and in a way it is. But its not about getting there isn't it, but trying your best xD. So to get there, it would be ideal to get a job involving those skills. How do i do that? By learning from everyone and getting some skills!

I think what I'm personally interested in getting out of Chris, is just a more efficient and faster way of learning. There are just some mistakes which hide themselves again and again, with the learner not knowing which direction to look, finding themself at many dead ends before eventually getting back on track. Having someone's experienced eyes take their time to look at someone stuck where they them self were probably stuck at one point and can remember all to well, just give a nudge in the right direction giving the learner more time for the actual journey ahead. In other words, I want to be better faster, and I would love some help along the way xD.

I can't say that I deserve the last slot over anyone else, because everyone here obviously wants to learn, and thus deserves that education. But I can say that I swear I will not waste your time. I learned about dedication and hard work this year. My proof is in the development of knowledge and skill which just did not exist in me last year, having only been aware of this entire industry and artistic field at the start of this year (I was studying science give me a break xD). So with less than a year under my belt, I personally feel I have made good progress so far. This is something which I have so far been very proud of and wish to continue. So at the very least, i can promise that you will not waste your time if you pick me.

Regardless, thanks heaps for being a huge part of crimson daggers motto of free education, i am going to be following along chosen or not, and I can't wait to be able to contribute to teaching and mentoring myself.

sooo. grats to all the cheeerrries who have 'more or less' been picked (:: you'l be sorry if you don't work your fu''''' ass off! (we all do that. everyday. aren't we?!)

i don't think this 'revelation' of our wantings should be a struggle for anyone of us. we wouldn't work and practice that much/hard, if we weren't able to write what makes us wake up and grab our pencil every day again. (well, maybe my english vocabulary would see that different.. yee)..

soooou sb.
even if i'd propably doing good resembling a villain, i'll skip this 'second change' due to the fact, that i think the four already chosen should get the most possibly devotion from you and also 4 is a high amount of students to teach and guide for someone like you who does this 'in his free time' besides working on a fulltime job and freelance. for your, and the students sake i'll be one of the voyeurs who will watch the livestreams you do, take advantage of the assignments you give and learn from the underground ^.^
So yeah.

Let me tell you a story.

There once was this girl living in the Netherlands. She is 23 years old and has a little hamster. From a very young age she was obsessed with drawing. It started out by tracing Donald Duck comic books, drawing Pokemon and Digimon and (later on) making creatures, characters and comics. Her ultimate dream was to become famous with art. She imagined that later on (when she was around 21 or so) the shops would be stuffed with products featuring her cartoons, comics and so on. To make this dream happen, she went to art school. Unfortunately it did not work out due to some ex-boyfriend, a disease and some parents that do not understand. Completely disoriented she signed in for a Computer Engineering course. The first two years were bearable, even though the projects were no fun at all. Still drawing at her free time, she believed she still could make a creative career.

Then the third year came. In this year she had to work full-time as a programmer. That did not go so well. The disease came back way more severe than ever before. It was at this time that she decided that she should get serious about art and joined to start a sketchbook. Two years later she finished the course and got a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. That makes her an “engineer” now, but she refuses to use that title. She actually wanted to burn the diploma, but parents thought it would be wise to save it in a closet. At the moment she is freelancing away, trying to get some clients and study to make her dream come true. It is not working well yet, most clients do not respond, do not like to pay or offer very low fees. Yet she refuses to give up.

Well, you probably get it. The girl in this story is me. Yes, I wasted four years (if not more) on the wrong education. I wasted even more years by not knowing how to improve. I wasted countless years by not being productive enough. I would like to change that. That is where your course comes in. I expect to be working harder than ever before, to finally think critical about my work and to hopefully make sure I can throw away that bloody engineering diploma. With this course I hope to become a professional artist. My dream job would be character designer for a game studio, but actually EVERY creative job is awesome to me.

Oh, did I mention I do not feel my disease when I draw? It has been motivating and demotivating me for years now (it is a chronic thing).

My sketchbook is here:
Aaand submissions are closed!
I'll let you guys know who the 5th member is very soon!

Calling Cards

[Image: gain-back.jpg?w=700&h=][Image: dream-back.jpg?w=700&h=]
[Image: why-back.jpg?w=700&h=][Image: villian-back.jpg?w=700&h=]

Didn't mean to sound rude or ungratefull Sickbrush! Just thought I had more time. I'll post it anyway but accept that I missed it!

Congratulations Chris Dee , welcome to the team. You are the 5th innocent flower i'll be crushing. Welcome to hell.

Applications are now closed, opening class starts tomorrow!
Full team is:
Chris Dee

A big thank you goes to all of you who applied here and supported this idea. You've all written and sent me amazing things and i'm extremely thankful.

Damn i wish i could take you all in and it sucks having to narrow it down so much. But please, follow the streams with the classes, i'll do my best to keep things very open for absolutely everyone and also feel free to post your own assignment work in the class thread over here :

Best to all of you and much much love,

Welcome aboard Fotis Rrabstyjke & sorry for the bad news Flo :(

First class starts tonight at 19:00 GMT!

I believe I'm way to late to sign up, but if there happens to be an opening please let me know. I'm going to follow with the classes none the less though. <<This is new and I'm trying to figure out how it works.
I just found about the classes yesterday, but I'm totally into it. I believe the fantastic 5 now need a cult, and I'm so signing up for that.


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