Concept art class - "Fantastic 4"
Hey everyone i'm Sickbrush.

Let's get some mentoring done, shall we?
My portfolio -

-experience in concept art & illustration, architecture, product design, movie & tv pre-production, mattepainting, graphic design & branding

-class name: "Fantastic 4"

-willing to take on 4 fantastic students at a time

-4 month class broken up in several parts. here's how it works:
Part 1 - "How did you do that"
a) - 2 weeks - "B is for Basics" - tools of the trade, software, techniques, textures, etc.
b) - 2 weeks - "Study? Arghh" - studying and how to apply. expect study assignments.
c) - 1 week - "Beating the clock" - flash assignment, big task, it's gonna hurt.

Part 2 - "Pff i can do that"
a) - 2 weeks - "Dress-up game" - character creation assignment - video games focus
b) - 2 weeks - "Lay of the land" - environment assignment - video games focus
c) - 2 weeks - "Ride me" - vehicle concept assignment - video games focus
d) - 2 weeks - "Picture perfect" - illustration assignment

Part 3 - "Me & Myself"
a) - 1 week - "Who am i?" - personal branding assignment. What makes a good brand?
b) - 1 week - "Big bad industry" - industry talks, freelance, studios, etc. + market research study
c) - 1 week - "Portfondling" - what is a portfolio, do's and don't's, critique on your current portfolios + various assignments to fill your weak portfolio spots.
d) - 1 week - "Hit the road Jack" - one last rough assignment, parting words, cakes and dancing.

All parts will have :
- assignments
- overpaints and critique
- discussions

Critiques will be done on my livestream channel, live. We'll all get together and discuss what you guys have done. The livestream hours aren't set, let's try to find a convenient time for everyone.

1. Your work will be shown in public and critiqued live. I hope this will reach more people and they will all learn something of it.
2. I WILL drop students out. I'm taking personal time off for this and while i understand problems and issues that we all have, repeated failure to fulfill assignments / attend the crit sessions will lead to expelling. In my opinion, i would rather assign that spot to someone who is willing to follow the program. If you believe you will have trouble following this routine, please do not enroll.
3. You owe me beers.

Classes to begin OCTOBER 5TH 2012

YES - this course is free
TO APPLY - reply to thread and link your work !


Dean Mamnev here, I'm up for this.

Yes please <3
yaaay! cool!
Good luck friend! :D

thx bud can't wait to see yourssssssssssssssss

I'd like to fantastic xD!

Hey Chris!

First of all. Thanks for this! :) Looks awesome.
I don't know if I can fit into this class. I'll try to catch you up on skype during today if you don't mind so I can ask you a few questions before I really apply.

But here's already a link to my sketchbook:
And my portofolio:

Silwynar / Pixelwalker

[Edit:] I'm out. Don't want to disappoint Chris because I can't secure that I have everyday enough time. Anyways. Good luck everybody!
It's definitely going to be awesome for you :)
If I am ever to owe anyone anything, I'd love to owe you beers.
Put my name down, senior.
I'd love to do this, recently I get the feeling that I need to do so much more, and if I had you chasing me I'm sure I'd run faster.

General blog:
CA Sketchbook:
And portfolio, though very much a WIP:
Put me on the list too!
I'd love to follow your classes and be pushed further than I can by myself.
I'm sure I can learn some great stuff form you.

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
I am very very very interested :>

I want it so badly it hurts!
I would really love to be apart of this.. Im very lacking in composition, rendering materials, chacaters and many other areas. I would love to work MTG one day because I love there are style and I like designing characters. Here is a sample of my work...

sup, my name is Adrian, 18 and looking forward to this class.

My portfolio:
hey first off i think its great what your doing!!!
giving back to the community is the most wonderful thing about conceptartist..

as a concept artist you need to draw draw draw, through this life can seem pretty lonely sometimes.
i myself live in austria and i dont really have rl friends that are into conceptart so its pretty hard for me to find people to talk about art. also im not the most social guy..

to add even more cheese to the cake my birthday is on 8.10 so PLEASE guide me, help me, kick my ass.. i need it !

my work can be found

take care and cheers :)
pick me =D
I've been looking for that certain boost for awhile. And a discipline such as this seems like just the right thing for me.

I hope you consider me. If I do become a Fantastic 4, you can be sure that I will attend every session, every critique, every event as best I may.

Check out my work in my signature. Thanks for the opportunity Cris.

Available for Freelance - Portfolio | CD Sketchbook | Blog | Email
This would be pretty awesome, I haven't really got a portfolio of any sort, but my SB and deviantart are in my signature.

Sketchbook | Deviantart | Blog

"The difficulties of not knowing are much greater than the effort of learning"

the second I saw your post on Facebook I had to start a sketchbook on cd. I think it's pretty amazing, that you're doing this. Thank you very much!

I would be more than happy to attend your mentorship program. I will do the very best I can, to use this opportunity to the best of my abbilties, if I'm given the chance to.

I just uploaded my work on:


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