Erik's Sketchbook
Hey guys,

Here are some sketches that i made in my spare time at work. Hope you like em and feel free to post some feedback ;) thanks!

Just wanted to make a creepy crawler that makes you: WTF! when its crawling in your living room :)
[Image: allien.jpg]

a random samurai
[Image: samurai.jpg]

I tried to make the horns look and feel like a tattoo but i didn't nailed it like i would.
[Image: deamon.jpg]

For this one i used the Balrog from LOTR and a T-rex for inspiration to mix it up and would like to see if could become more bad-ass than the Balrog. what do you think?
[Image: dragon.jpg]

Hors VS feathers, good vs evil, man vs woman and angel vs devil. It looked cool to me if you split it in half and let it blend it to each-other.
[Image: horns_vs_feathers.jpg]

A Celtic knight, trying to put some celtic design and armor together and make a portrait of an elderly warrior.
[Image: celtic_knight.jpg]

ever wondered if a cyborg could have any feelings? and what will it become if you torture them with some violent video images? me neater but the idea was cool :)
[Image: cyborg_feelings.jpg]

What if you found out that your girlfriend is an cyborg from outer space and turned you against the whole world..... yeah i probably killed her too if i was a bad-ass space soldier!
[Image: cyborg_kill.jpg]

thanks for watching.

draw and let your hands do the talking
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