Portfolio Class- Character Development!
early wip http://i46.tinypic.com/167o0bd.jpg
Looking good everyone :)

So this is where I'm at with mine so far. The axe is in there as the Mongols used to execute prisoners with a battle axe, so I kinda thought it could be the excalibur in this case. Not sure that really works though. Going to work on excalibur designs away from the character for a bit, then come back to it I think. Maybe have him actually holding the sword. Bit dull if it's put away.

[Image: file-2319.jpg]

Painting my character for tomorrow!! Someone knows when is the livestream tomorrow?

[Image: Final%2BAfrican%2BKing%2BArthur%2B2.jpg]

started the concept =)

cant hold it back ;F

Did some studies and some sketches for excalibur. Gonna put it all together tomorrow. Hopefully in time for the stream?

So yeah, excalibur, based on the curved scimitars that the mongols used from Horseback. This is gonna be a two handed variation, which I think may have been slightly less common. But I figure excalibur should be a lot of sword, and any character based on Arthur should be able to handle it ;)

[Image: file-1155.jpg]

[Image: file-601.jpg]

[Image: file-1199.jpg]

[Image: file-1344.jpg]

Wanted to give this a try. I went with Japanese culture and after a bit of research tried to stick with the Heian period (700-1100 AD). This was a very important period for Japan culturally with Chinese + Indian influences. Found a few costume references and did not drift too far from them. Archery seemed to feature alot so plumped for an excaliber bow.
[Image: arthurs2.jpg]

[Image: arthurs4.jpg]

It's late but I'd like to join the fun. Sadly this is probably the worst idea but hey... say hello to russian revolution arthur:

[Image: 66352501.png][Image: 46119345.png]

And the little more fleshed out concepts:
[Image: 21331331.png][Image: 84229419.png]

I got inspired by these communist propaganda posters. I hope I can work somewhat of the style into them.

Thanks to all you guys for sharing you processes, I really feel like I should change mine for the next one.
I especially enjoyed malan's different sketches. They all feel very unique and interesting.
Lots of love to everyone!
Zipfel- looking good man, I thought about doing Russia, but chickened out. Gonna like seeing what you do with it. Such a cool looking culture.

thanks for the crits dan i appreciate it, after your suggestion i found theres a whitish mineral from greenland called cryolite thats pretty cool that i can put into the design.

heres my sketch for tomorrows class looking forward to it!

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Thinking about using an antler crown to push the Arthurian theme, and repeating those same elements in the hilt of the Excalibur sabre.

[Image: S9mnhl.jpg]

...some edits to the design while listening to the stream.

[Image: 0WjE8l.jpg]
And it's done! This is my final sketch for Arthur and it's ready for tomorrow's class and crits :)
I decided to do it with lines and simple flat values to define as much as I can all the different elements. Next week I will focus on the rendering and lights :)
It still doesn't have the sword... I'm still trying to figure out how to do it, but I already have some ideas and refs.
All the armor details, textures and patterns will be done one by one, so for now they are only scribbles to simulate the idea.
[Image: ARTHURsk.jpg]

And here are some refs for Excalibur, so you can have an idea of what I'm trying get, It will be a Kilij sword. :)

[Image: ph-0.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0521.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0519.jpg]
[Image: arabdagger.jpg]

Cheers Daggers! :)

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How much time is left to do a finished concept?

bout 12 hours.
I failed in getting a solid sketch out for Dan to crit, but I may as well post what i've done if anyone is interested. So hard to keep up with you guys, definatly going to be pushing myself harder :D. Going to do Inca culture because i had a book lying around about it! Read most of it, and am thinking of including Spanish conquistador culture clash stuff as well, maybe for the other characters, like the temptress and the rival. I took the idea of Excalibur as more of a symbol of kingship and giving the hero power to do what normal people can't do, so am planning to make it either a staff, and bring in Incan staff deity stuff, or a shield, and further emphasize the whole sun god emperor thing.

[Image: 0143PracticeSketches241012.jpg]
[Image: 0140PracticeSketches221012.jpg]
[Image: 0144PracticeSketches261012.jpg]
[Image: Week1.jpg]

Everybody else's stuff is looking really interesting! Really got to push hard to match everyone, hope i can keep up. Will defiantly have something tangible for the stream next week!

Good work everyone! so much cool stuff to look at :)

I think it was the first time when I made such tight line drawing. Was challenging, but I think I learnt some stuff while doing it.
I might do some sword designs later today. To design an interesting looking sword is much harder than I thought
[Image: 303bc.jpg]
Tadas - Amen to that man. Swords are tough.

So, here's my rough design, for a Mongolian Arthur around the 12th Century. Gonna spend next week doing a metric fuckton of materials studies, and working on my rendering for the final thing.

[Image: file-1097.jpg]

Nice work so far everybody. Loadsa cool stuff in here :)

I chose this one as my final, he just looks more russian to me. I also worked a little bit more on the design.
[Image: 98651950.png]

Can't wait for the stream :)
African King Arthur for Mentoring!

[Image: Final%2Bpresentation%2521.jpg]

Here comes my first mayan arthur concept:

Feedback is welcome
Oh, wow Melanie! It looks really nice! I like it a lot! :O
That brown paint on the body looks great after all! The only thing that I feel looks weird is the texture on the fabric haha, it reminded me of those squared textures from scottish fabrics :P aand, as we said the other day, it's a bad thing that headgear hides the deformed skull haha :P
But, overall, it looks really nice!
Looking forward to see the final one! :D

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