studies = from photos and life
Hi guys ,

Ive been drawing for a while , I come from a background of years in 3d modelling , now Im trying to get full time back on track with pure 2d .

I hate doing studies , I never did them , always hated try to replicate photos and im very impatient to paint from life so I want to use this space to force myself to do studies from photos and such because I have many problems with proportions and more stuff.

Thanks to Daniel and Dave for the motivation , if wasn't for them I wouldn't realize how important is to make the studies that Ive started 4 days ago after years and years of being into this art world .I guess is never too late to get back to basics and to keep the mind flexible :)

big heads, big hands, lack of attention...

today study, to apply stuff on the bloodsport #4

Looking good 7brushes keep on pushing it mate! :)

I feel ya, man. I constantly make the heads way too big. That latest study is horrific, but well made :D

thank you guys , today study....

Haha I almost used that same reference on the study you did with the lady with burned leathery skin for my Legend of Lizards. That picture freaks me out!

good stuff yo

Keep up the good work! I can already see some improvement.

Oh jeez that sun damage study is horrifying. On one hand I want to see the ref on the other hand I don't think I want to throw up in my mouth.

thanks guys :)
today studies... trying different techniques and failing but anyways positive training.

grabbing inspiration from Jaan and Alex ,thanks guys :)

Keep up with the studies theres definatly an improvement from first post to last. :)

thanks C-reaper ! :)

today photo studies :

today >

whoa dude. Today's study is better than the original photo haha.

thanks Monsieur! :)


I might make the recommendation that you spend a good deal more time on the drawing of your studies. Your shape language needs much more improvement than your rendering, color, or light.


Hey thanks a lot for pointing at that ! :)

I have big problems to see the proportions when replicating something , despite that Ive been in this business for many years , I don't get the drawing similar to the photos not even if I spend lots of time on only that drawing part.
I will use a grid for my next studies and see if that helps me in some way to correct my observation problem.

Thanks again for pushing me towards improvement.
You're very good with light and color. As lake said it seems shapes are the thing You should work on the most. Maybe try some simple pencil sketches to nail down forms.

Anyway, good stuff. Keep it up!
(02-15-2012, 09:00 PM)7brushes Wrote: I will use a grid for my next studies and see if that helps me in some way to correct my observation problem.

I don't think that using a grid is the best way to help you see proportion and shape. Try just spending more time on the drawing - flipping it, checking it against your ref...

Another fun trick to check yourself is to take your line drawing and lay it over your ref, as though you were doing a tracing. DO NOT TRACE, but use this method to check your drawing perhaps every hour or so, so you can see what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.



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