DhArt Sketchbook (aka, Help!!)
Thanks mate.

Been sick for a few days. I suddenly got a really bad fever the other day and it completely knocked me out for a few days.
Anyway, getting back into the game again. Here's some stuff from today (the stuff I did while sick looks like total shit).
Studies and a value sketch ive started working on. Spent some time today with reading and watching tutorials in order to improve my value work. Gonna update it tomorrow.

Derp. Some stuff. Gonna post a lot more tomorrow.

Posted less instead.

Some more stuff before I go to work. Im continuing to study values, light and shade. Currently reading some books on it.

Some updates. Studies and sketches from imagination.

Back whitout explanation. I took the decision to start use Alex Negreas/Forest Ismels method of studying while working. Here's a WIP pic im working on of "Ice Age Swedes".

Experimenting with colored lights. From life.

I decided to start posting again. Lets see if I can keep it up this time (haha, I say that every time I get back).

Here's a personal piece and a self portrait I did today. I forgot witch one is witch. Impressed

Sketchbooks coming along nicely man, can see a lot of improvement in that last one especially. Keep it up!

Thank you very much CoreyH! I love your stuff dude! Keep it up!

Here's some stuff im working on:


Gestures from ref and imagination while reading loomis:

Some life stuff:

Some WIP lineart. Gonna see if I can make rly good lines:

Glad you like my stuff man! Means a lot.

Awesome work again, that last pic is coming along super nice. Line art is a pain in the ass with a tablet! haha.

Only critique would be with the gesture studies, try and make sure you get a shape in there for the hands and feet, it seems to really help (me anyway) when you start designing the figure from imagination.

Glad to see you posting again, Dennis. Keep the studies going!
Just finished this sketchpage. I failed most of thoose line exercises, so it's obvious that I need to work on it more. Silent

Also trying to learn Zbrush atm (actually gonna try and learn 3D modeling). This sculpt has really weird anatomy, so tomorrow, im just gonna start on a new one. Blushing

Update Blushing


Imagination stuff to apply studies/Personal work:

Had to resize theshit out of this one to make it under 1024kb. Plz see the full res version on my deviantart page. Meh

Couple of traditional sketchpages. Still failing thoose line exercises. Rolling eyes, funny thought

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WIP Shock

Time for a small update. Studies, sketches from imagination and design stuff for "Lizards of Legend" bloodsport. Stupid

[Image: AQGi33D.jpg]
[Image: LZH4s1H.jpg]
[Image: FBHzzW7.jpg]
[Image: csGFnIp.jpg]
[Image: miBpXNz.jpg]
[Image: CcZGzr3.jpg]

Quick and embarassing update. Im really busy at my job atm. It's right before christmas and a ton of people are calling in sick everyday for some reason, so us other guys have to pull double shifts and work p much everyday ... Isn't it horrible when an artist isn't allowed to create? :/

Hopefully it's gonna settle down soon. Im relly anxious to do more art.
Here are some personal stuff from recently and a couple of speedpaints (30 min):

Just dumping a few WIDE random new paintings.

[Image: aH5gb9k.jpg]

[Image: IuT5j7e.jpg]

[Image: JojDJAW.jpg]

[Image: 0vXsWxQ.jpg]

Hey Dennis, cool to see your stuff in here, hope you keep updating this thread!

They're looking really nice, love the lighting on the last piece. I prolly should've looked closer when you posted them in the chat but I'll toss this comment in anyway - that last piece looks great but the they feel really isolated, like there should be other people around to witness this ceremony. Feels a bit lonely. Great work tho, keep posting!

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Thank you my friend! Thumbs_up

Here are some random study notes and sketches. Most of this is from imagination after reading about diffirent subjects and watching tutorials (Except for the comp studies). Hope you like. New sketches soon!

[Image: cYcNqiP.jpg]

[Image: Gmz70BA.jpg]

[Image: VtfxFh8.jpg]

[Image: DK4tEdK.jpg]

[Image: s280pai.jpg]

[Image: yrL4PQj.jpg]

[Image: fXEuGbl.jpg]

[Image: p2vZVKu.jpg]


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