I wanna remake an old Artwork!
Hey guys, It's been an year since I've been practicing more and 1 month since I started reading the forum here, but I want so bad to remake and old artwork of mine! He's called the HomemFlor(FlowerMan)! By that time I was just getting started in digital painting so it has many flaws, not only on painting but the line in general!!

[Image: d4k0avi]


Well, I'd like the new version to be kind of fat, but a Strong fat guy, the same feel like and tribal looking guy, but I'd also like to know if u have references that I could use to sell the tribal idea better, I'd also like to keep it kind of cartoon, but with a super detailed painting!!

The angle is something I'd also like to change, I'd either bring the camera down, bringing the emphasis to his torso and the sky, or would make a Top down view, bringing emphasis to sir position and the forest field!

Well I think that's it, how can you help me??
Hi Markdotea,

u should google hawaiian warriors. They tend to have the desired voluptous yet muscular apperance and are also traditionally tribal.

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