Korky´s Sketchbook
So Here i´m going to present all of my art, i think of worth showing.
I´m awaiting a lot of usefull critiques, which might help me with my works.

Thats me =P
[Image: portrait2p.jpg]

But im not convinced yet, i want to give it a more painted style, and therefore have looked some brushpacks. Can anyone give me some tips how to achive this spezific kind of look i want?
Or show me where to get the right brushes for the work ?

[Image: concept4g.jpg]

[Image: concept31.jpg]

I´m going to upload more in time
A few things I would say are, firstly brushes do not really matter because you could use the default brush set for photoshop and achieve a painterly style. To have painterly style you should be using a bigger size of whatever brushes you have, not really blending as much, thinking about stroke economy and making each stroke count. Examples of painterly painters (lol) are people like Greg Manchess (http://www.manchess.com/) and John Singer Sargent http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Singer_Sargent, both artists use minimum amount of strokes to get the desired effect and read on their paintings. However it is also extremely important to have a good, solid grasp of fundamentals and while I do know you have some clue of fundamentals, I don't think you have a strong enough grasp of them ( but don't worry I haven't got a good grasp on them a lot of people haven't that is why we do studies to improve them are knowledge:) ). Things like your facial anatomy are quite off: the lips are completely straight, no real form, and they are too crisp and hard, the nose structure is broken and there are other problems as well but what I am trying to say is that you should focus more on fundamentals (anatomy, form, lighting, composition and perspective), and not worry too much about getting a painterly style, because if you try and make your strokes loose and big, to make it painterly, but you don't know why you are making the strokes and what you are trying to imply by doing them the paintings will be broken. Good luck with your future work and if you want good ways to start off learning the fundamentals the resources thread - http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3.html is a great place full of loads of tutorials, art books and everything in between.
PS. A great person for learning facial anatomy is http://www.youtube.com/user/ProkoTV he has awesome tutorials and makes learning really fun.

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"The difficulties of not knowing are much greater than the effort of learning"
I feared that. I think you are right, seems like some more foundationwork might be good.
Maybe i´ll try to get some partners as well, to keep motivated.

At the Moment i´m working on bridgemans constructive anatomy, but i have the feeling that its hard for me to adapt the knowledge.098eb4a5

Okey, time to learn then 047
Thank you

Something i´ve worked on the last weeks, stil not finished:
[Image: mountainface2.jpg]
[Image: steffiwalkyre3.jpg]

On this one i´ve worked for quite some while, but i´mm stil not convinced yet
Yo Korky, I like your work!

Here is that paint over you didn’t ask for :-)

[Image: t4PiZ.jpg]

Firstly I like the overall red/ pink hue but because its everywhere the image becomes a tad monochromatic. I over emphasized the eyes with a contrasting green as I felt these got abit lost.

The nose and eyes went quite lining up, so I attempted to fix with liquefy (the dirtiest tool). I have made the hands a tad smaller and emphasized her thumbs, which should help the viewer to read them.

What is your area of focus? Hands then face? Maybe save your highest contrast for these and knock the dark values in the rest down a tad. I started this by making the bottom hand darker so it pops when contrasted with the white of the glowing thing.

Lastly I have really quickly indicated some glow escaping the fingers and maybe you could try to strengthen the lighting with more cast shadows on the helmet and arm.

I hope this helps :-)

Keep on climbing up Mt Drawmore!


thanks for the "paintover i didnt ask for" =) I like it having an new look on my works.
I´ve considered giving her some outstanding eyes, instead of green ive used Blue which can also be found in the Background.
Also i´ve now took the figure a bit out of centre to the left, so the picture looks less slanted.

I´m really happy that you mentioned the focus, i allways forget about it 154218d4
I think i´m going to blur out the wings and the darks to "lead the eye" to the valkyre.
Doing some correction with the liquify tool, should also be necessary.^^

Thank You 875328cc
[Image: steampunktryoverarbeite.jpg]
a sketch of an dwarf

[Image: zwergt.jpg]

an idea which came to my mind, wont finish it.
[Image: apocalypsej.jpg]

This is the the one i have most problems with, right now, it dont seem to work out the right way
[Image: stadt2q.jpg]
Have found a book about the Barock and Rokoko, its amazing =P
Have done a longer study from it.

[Image: probep.jpg]
I started this one over half a year ago, but didnt like it:
[Image: concept3l.jpg]

This is what i made of it in the last week. I like the look of this one much more Efb50fe2
[Image: concept35.jpg]

This one is my Valkyre ive worked on further:
[Image: steffiwalkyre.jpg]
[Image: princeso.jpg]

A princedoodle, which turned out quite goodD16c4689
I had a hand on poser, a tool to create own poses on the fly with 3d models.
This one was an experiment, to see how it would turn out:
[Image: futuregy.jpg]
A major updates rolling in.
Lately i was a bit lazy when it came to update my sketchbook.

I was a bit down and nothing seemed to work out. Thats the time when i go back to basics (Learning new stuff). I found that this way i am able to force myself to get better in arts, to overcome blockades, while also warming up for other work. Therefore its perfekt to keep going.
I have worked my way past a third of the bridgemans constructive anatomy ( love itD16c4689)
Maybe i´m going to make a video of those drawings i´ve copied from, if anybody´s interested.

Here the New Stuff:
[Image: training2j.jpg]

[Image: trainingrk.jpg]

[Image: bung4.jpg]

[Image: unbenannt1pfe.jpg]

[Image: thiefz.jpg]

Hey some cool stuff you have here, just keep practicing fundamentals (I need alot anatomy study) and try to detail more the main part of your paintings, I mean try to tell the viewer where he/she has to look at when he/she is waching your paintings, the focus of the piece. Keep working hard dude!

I desperatly try to get away from mangastyle, but i had to do this one. I got a grip on manga Study 5 and i have to say that i never had such a great sketching experience with digital mediums. Thinking about buyin it, just for the sketching options =D .
Rest is done Photoshop, used the same brushes as usual.

[Image: trymangacopy.jpg]

[Image: trymangacopy2.jpg]
was lazy when it came to updating my thread.
Here is the new stuff of the recent days.

[Image: 20130412151805.jpg]
[Image: 20130412151833.jpg]
[Image: 20130412151919.jpg]
[Image: 20130412151931.jpg]
[Image: 20130412151947.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152001.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152008.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152017.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152027.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152037.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152048.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152058.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152113.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152133.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152158.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152206.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152215.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152223k.jpg]
[Image: 20130412152235.jpg]
[Image: trymangacopy.jpg]
[Image: kindsturm2.jpg]

[Image: conseptenv.jpg]
[Image: v994.jpg]
[Image: 0neu.jpg]
[Image: sz89.jpg]
[Image: c6ll.jpg]
[Image: k4t9.jpg]
[Image: ea22.jpg]
[Image: 0ou1.jpg]
[Image: ger5.jpg]

next little big update. Still too lazy to update everything new^^
[Image: e793.jpg]
[Image: s4fp.jpg]
[Image: 5sil.jpg]

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