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Thanks pnate and toxic!

Been a while again. Here's some studies and stuff I wasn't able to finish for the latest Blood Sports. I was really trying to hit that deadline, I dunno what happened with my workflow. I guess I just haven't found one quite yet. . . I feel quite demoralized at the moment. Still not quite that comfortable with painting, yet, but I am feeling a bit more confident.

I've learned a lot and I'm going to take those things with me into this next Blood Sports. I'll be sure to make it this time! :]

Any sort of suggestions, crits, or whatever would be real nice. Thanks.

[Image: horntoad_zps9a3169ff.jpg]

[Image: studynace_zps48f2584d.jpg]

[Image: Finalcomp_zpsaa92a418.jpg]

[Image: ideas3-Copy_zps737b3755.jpg]

Mad dedication and improvement here!! keep it coming!!!
Thanks Pnate, Toxic and Hamoony! It means a lot to hear from others that they are seeing improvement, it's so hard to see it myself.

Kinda quick but not quick portrait between BS concepts. This guy is near and dear to my heart, he's been a character in my mind for as long as I can remember. I've been pretty scared for some unknown reason to get him out of my head, thought it was about time to get him out.

It's my username, ah-haha.

I learned stuff. . .

[Image: archhhh3_zps4c234774.jpg]

Thought it would be a good idea to post my bloodsports. It was really amazing, and challenging at the same time, I don't believe I have ever worked so hard on a a project like this in my entire life. Which is not saying much considering I have recently just started to get into painting seriously less than two years ago.

There's still a lot I need to learn, I feel like I should study...but I just don't know what I need to focus on.

Prepare for more paintings in the near future, I'm starting to get a better hang of things! :DD

Any feedback concerning my progress, or study habits would be nice, thanks people!

[Image: MageDesignscont_zps373ae91a.jpg]
[Image: defileddesigns2_zpsf1a7da13.jpg]
[Image: defileddesigns_zps87b3844d.jpg]
[Image: Finalgolem_zps751f2889.jpg]
[Image: pg1_zpsbb32a8b1.jpg]
[Image: pg6_zpsf026a2e0.jpg]

Something quick and dirty left over from last year, figured I'd just go back to finish it.

Something I've been going on and off on. Experimenting, sorta. I've got one major thing I am working on. I dunno really what I should be doing. Haha.

No studies for a while, I've been lacking in imaginative stuff lately. I feel like I work so slow.

hey man, i would'nt worry too much about the speed aspect so much. Focus more on just pushing your pieces and studies to your max potential and set yourself realistic deadlines. That and persistance of course ;)

It's great to hear you pushed yourself on the bloodsports piece too, i think it payed off because the design looks original and it's pretty awesome. A possible crit from looking at your previous stuff would be to push your construction. Your proportions tend to be abit wonky (which is something i suck at too) and your forms can look flat. Try doing some linework and focus hard on trying to imagine those forms in 3D space. Michael Hampton's anatomy book is pretty awesome for that which ca be downloaded for free online, i would suggest giving that some time. Value studies and still lifes are always a winner too.

Keep up the good work dude, and hope this helps

Hey Archreux, it's cool to see some new personal pieces. It's always best to just tackle these things head on, which it looks like you're doing, so good on ya. If I can offer a crit, I would say to try to study some lighting situations more from real life and photos, which I think would help with some of the realism and the values as well. It's tough to progress when you feel like there's no clear direction to go to, I know the feeling, but keep going and producing man, it's the only way!

Wow, thank you so much for the crits you guys, it means a lot. :'D

It's something I really needed to hear, I have been feeling pretty lost myself in terms of where to direct my study focus. As a result I've been feeling kinda down and out in relation to my artwork as a whole. I've gotten a better feeling as of late, friends helping me and such, but coming on here to see this is just awsome, so thanks again!

Here's some old studies from the last Bloodsports. I didn't quite make it in time to participate, and some random rogue man, ha. I've got A LOT of sketchbook stuff I need to upload, so when I'm not so lazy I'll get on to scanning those.

[Image: darkness_mq_017cd_zps953469a0.jpg]
[Image: LOTR_zps784cef4a.jpg]
[Image: GOT_zps3286473c.jpg]
[Image: fasf_zpsbaebcc9f.jpg]

Some face study, and another painting of my somewhatOC character, Archreux. I feel like I'm getting better with painting faces. I really need to get down to doing a full thing with him. Ah well, in the near future mayhaps.

[Image: face_zpse78d206a.jpg]
[Image: facestuday_zpsd548fe69.jpg]

Really like that black/white/red portrait--really great character mood.

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Nice to see a new post! :) Good to see the studies and personal work, keep going man

Hey, thanks Tygerson and pnate. Schools almost out for a few weeks, I've put together a painting schedule for the impending break ahead. Anyways, here's a life paint I did tonight with my good friend, Einver. I need to shut up and talk less, I'd assume it has to do something with thinking, haha. Either way it was awsome. I need to do more paintings of these busts.

Again, I'd like to thank you people for taking a look at my stuff. It means so much to me, I'm nearly in tears with each helpful response. You guys rock. :""D

[Image: srtudtay_zps5c1509bb.jpg]

Break starter for me last week, I've been slow on the painting and drawing, coming down from a quarter of school is always tiresome in one way, or another. More to come, I've got ideas that need putting into action.

One hour color studies for now.

[Image: stud_zps1ea5f798.jpg]
[Image: sdfsdga_zpsd5615128.jpg]

Still too lazy to scan my pages from sketchbook, and it keeps getting bigger. . . I'll have to do it soon, ha. Face studies, lighting and faces, yeah. Faces give me trouble. I've decided each day to warm up I will paint a face, or do a figure. I'll be uploading more interesting things soon, I promise!

[Image: tumblr_ml0bebWdz21rudoyyo1_1280_zps2ef57e70.jpg]
[Image: intonight20_zps9ad6cbee.jpg]

More sorta un-interesting stuff. Faces faces faces faces, I am so bad with faces but I'm getting better. I've botched so many of these, Haha. Going to get back to more interesting stuff (which should be up in the next day, or so.)

Thanks for checking my stuff out. :}

[Image: facesadaymorningwarmup_zpsfcabcced.jpg]

Hey man thanks for posting your work. It's always interesting to see what people are doing to get better and to see the improvements in technique, even if it's just faces and figures or whatever.
Hey Ron! Thanks for checking out my stuff, it's always awsome to be able to share stuff with others. :D

Friend portrait gone wrong tonight, so here's this. I dunno:

[Image: wes_zps24efd5c3.jpg]

Dude, I love your character design!

Thanks Rognoll, I really appreciate it! :]

I dunno what I should be doing. I really want to do a bunch of things, reading, study and of course some personal stuff, I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of choices I have. Not enough time in the day, seriously. I wish I had a time chamber like it DBZ. . .

Here's a few things I've been going on and off between studies. Any feedback would be nice. I'm at that point where I am having trouble bringing stuff to a finish, it's a vastly unexplored part of the process for me. In the mean time more reading and studies.

Failed study, learned some bit on brush strokes. Faces still destroy me. . .

Going to get on finishing the personals. :]

[Image: tumblr_moy3gstjSq1stktw3o1_500copy_zpscca8c996.jpg]


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