vatteh's sketchbook
Sup everyone. Just wanted to start my sketchbook here and get better like everyone else here is.

To start, here are some master studies I did.

And here's some still life studies I did.

Here are some memory studies I've been trying.

Heres a Sargent study I did. The second panel is from memory afterwards and the third is corrections I did after I opened the original. This exercise really helps; You see all the things you just don't pay attention to when copying ans going on autopilot.

photo study of the same thing

for these I just didn't bother showing the second step.

That's great that your doing master copies. I would like to see some of your sketchbook if that is alright.
Demon Lizardman - Sure. Here's what I have in -

Now here's some stuff from imagination I did. These were for the CGhub and CA challenges in the past few weeks. This is the stuff I plan to post more often.

Here's more still-life studies of my busts

i really like those studies ! great job!

Ioan Chirita - thanks man. Just trying to get better.

Here's some stuff I did for recent CGHub and CA challenges.

More still life I did a few weeks ago. The human bust is really getting to me in terms of difficulty. On the first one I tried natural daylight and the dim light made it very hard to capture the lights vs darks. On the other three, I started with line to help block out the shapes, then went to values & colors. Its way more easier to go that route then to go straight into blocking in shapes.

heres some random stuff

a photo study

a life study looking outside my window

sketch using little reference

Rally enjoyed browsing through this, keep up the awesome work. Also really love the idea of doing a study, repainting it from memory and then doing corrections.
catfist - Thanks. I needed to find ways to apply my studies to my personal work and this seems to be a good exercise.

here's some master studies

photo studies.
some of these are a few months old.

Hey Vatteh, These latest portraits are looking great! I like the idea of those studies where you show the version from you memory and the corrections afterwards, very interesting to look at. Keep up the good work!

joelhustak - Thanks man. Yeah, I feel that this is a good exercise and that I'm improving. But I got a long ways to go.

master studies

Nice going! keep up the pace, it's paying off.

kidult - thanks man.

Here's some challenges I did at CGHub

Drawing Jam #82 :: Halloween Special :: Hounds of Hell

Drawing Jam #50 :: Zelda 25th Anniversary
(I finished too late to submit this one)

more CGHub challenge stuff

more challenge stuff

more busts


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