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I used to moderate a forum a while back and at the top of it was a "shout box". Basically a chatroom here members could interact if not posting in the forums but are still on the site. Also whenever a new thread as made a bot would post it in the shout box. If e'r able to add one I think it'd b useful.

Something Like:

[Image: RomeNICE.png]
Not sure if it's a good idea for people to be chatting too much in a shout box because it might distract them from working. Hmm, if people want one though, I can add one. If anyone else wants one just "like" the original post enough and I'll add one. I think I can also setup a teamspeak 3 server for people who want to talk to each other, if anyone wants that.
In the shoutbox, ppl could message to the others, who is online on livestream
Or maybe do something more focused on this, a shout box for announcements of livestream sessions, event starts, stuff like this

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