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Awesome idea for the golem! Curious for your entry :)

And great studies, keep it up!

My sketchbook
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Looks like I wont be entering, my tablet pen has gone and busted itself, im pretty sure the coils broke.

Been awhile, lifes taken a heavy down turn. But.. A big thank you to CJ Marsh! for sending me...

[Image: hvi4pfk2.xr4.jpg]

Thanks mate!

Attached is a repaint of an old painting from December 2011

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Not as much work as id like, gave an environment a shot but I really dont know how to approach them. If anyones looking through here who feels they can give me some direction on enviros, feel free to get in touch, my skype is; inkb0y

Some quick armor, enviro of course, some doodles and some preliminary lines for an upcoming piece.

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Loving that repaint you did, and the armor study looks great! Also nice job on the environment study, i know how hard it is doing those when you mostly paint things that aren't environments :P

Still hoping for some insight on the golem.

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Dooodles lacking direction.

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Once a-god-damn-gain my tablet is busted, im going insane.

Wow man you're really working hard. That tattoo piece on the first page was really mind blowing.
There's two things that stick out with your work.
First the colors have a muddy/washed out feel to them. I know nothing about color so no clue how to fix it.
Second your rendering of forms feels "bulbous", kinda like a Michelin figure. You should try and vary your lines between C S and I (straight). Another way around it would be to avoid making semi-circle shapes. As in an arc where the high point is in the middle. I think the anthony ryder book talks about it. Shift the apex so that there's less symmetry

Thanks for the feedback Tom, I'll keep in mind the lines and see if it makes a difference because I've felt that myself and havent really had a decent way to describe it. I'll definately go back through that book and hopefully it will illuminate some issues I'm having. In regards to the colors I think I it may be my tendancy to sample from my own current painting and using black for the underlining, I'm not sure hopefully I can get some suggestions on it. Great to get some feed back :D

Getting my tablet back tommorrow so in preperation I have drafted myself a new schedule! Annnd here it is.

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Unfortunately I really need to work on time management, only got out one life drawing of some spent shells i have on my desk and some hands from reference trying to get rid of that bulbous feel. And the start of my exorcism piece!

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I adore the "take your daughter to war and pillage day" image! And wow, that practice schedule you have is intense! No wonder you are progressing so fast. Really awesome work!

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Hey man good stuff!

With your painting from life. I notice you are copying the forms, but not the value ranges of the original images?

You should really try and pay close attention to what is there especially in value ranges.
What is a Drexel? Ha

Your work is so fun. I wish I had some constructive criticism to offer but I'm so new. Your armor looks great and that exorcism is going to be cool.
Mind if I use your schedule? it's awesome

Go ahead brotha.
Drexels a character from a brilliant movie called True Romance.
Thank you, I legitmately never noticed I was doing that :S
Ive been finding it hard to keep up with the schedule admittedly, the take your daughter to slaughter image was inspired by my own midget who takes up most of my day and with my tablet on the fritz its... depressing..

Anyway... UPDATE! Also working on making my livestream look ballah.

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Crazy cool concepts man. And wow, that schedule's quite intense. That gives me the idea to set a plan for myself too. Thanks :)

Knight Study: 2 and a half hours.
About an hour and abit into the scene, have to remind myself to work with a large brush.
how i pant rain

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Really nice knight study Vandall, the brush strokes look pretty awesome. On a side note that knight picture is badass, I'm Gonna have to give that a study myself.

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The tatoo woman on your first post is amazing, although i think her legs are small for her body. just personal opinion!
Also, on the priest painting, the fingers from the right hand of the priest look kind of wierd.. the way they're bending looks like they're being reflected from the book or something. But overall the painting looks good man, especially the guy getting "cleansed" :D
oh, and that knight man.. niiiceee


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